18 Plus Malayalam Movie OTT Release Date

18 Plus Malayalam Movie OTT Release Date: There’s a new Malayalam movie called “18 Plus” that a lot of people are talking about. It’s directed by Arun D Jose who also did the popular film “Jo and Jo”.

The interesting title “18 Plus” is getting everyone curious about what the movie is about! Arun is known for picking catchy names for his films.

“18 Plus” already came out in theaters in India. It got good reviews. Now fans are waiting to find out when they can stream it online.

Lots of people want to know which OTT platform (like Netflix or Amazon Prime) will premiere “18 Plus”. And what date will it be available to watch from home?

The director hasn’t shared the streaming details yet. But I’m sure he’ll announce it soon since so many fans are eager to see “18 Plus” online.

It sounds like a cool movie that tackles mature themes, going by the title. I’m excited to check it out once it drops on OTT! I’ll let you know as soon as I hear when and where it will be streaming. Stay tuned for more updates about “18 Plus”!

Let me know if you have any other questions about this new Malayalam film that everyone is talking about!

Movie Name 18 Plus
Director Arun D Jose
Cast Nelson, Mathew Thomas, Meenakshi Dinesh And Nikhila Vimal
Genre Romantic-Comedy
Language Malayalam
Theatrical Release Date July 7, 2023
OTT Release Date TBA
OTT Platform TBA(80% Disney+Hotstar)
Music Director Christo Xavier
Editor Chaman Chakko
Production Anumod Bose, Manoj Menon, Dr Jini K Gopinath And G Prajith

18 Plus Malayalam Movie OTT Release Date

There’s a new romantic comedy movie in Malayalam called “18 Plus.” It’s directed by famous director Arun D Jose.

“18 Plus” first opened in theaters on July 7, 2023. It’s only in the Malayalam language.

The music is by Christo Xavier and the lyrics are by Vinayak Sasikumar. Fans love the fun songs!

Chaman Chakko edited the movie to keep it moving smoothly from scene to scene.

Anumod Bose, Dr. Jini K Gopinath, G Prajith, and Manoj Menon produced the film and got everything made.

Disney+Hotstar will stream “18 Plus” digitally for people to watch at home. That’s great news for fans!

The main actors are Mathew Thomas and Nelson. Meenakshi Dinesh and Nikhila Vimal play the main actresses.

The story for “18 Plus” was written by Raveesh Nath. It sounds like a fun and entertaining plot!

I can’t wait to watch this new rom-com movie from Malayalam cinema when it comes on Disney+Hotstar. It sounds really good! Let me know if you have any other questions about “18 Plus.”

The new movie “18 Plus” is a big hit with audiences! People are really loving this romantic comedy.

There are rumors that “18 Plus” will start streaming on an OTT platform in late July. But the official release date hasn’t been announced yet.

For now, the only way to watch “18 Plus” is in theaters. So if you want to see it, go check it out on the big screen!

I’m excited to hear when we’ll be able to stream “18 Plus” from home. I’ll let you know as soon as the OTT release date is announced!

This sounds like such a fun movie. Fans are really enjoying the humor and romance. I can’t wait to watch it myself, whether in the theater or when it comes on streaming.

Let me know if you have any other questions about “18 Plus”! I’ll keep sharing updates here as I hear them. Stay tuned!

18 Plus Plot Line

There’s a new romance movie about a guy named Akhil who falls in love with a woman named Anju.

They decide they want to get married and run away together. But uh oh – Akhil’s family doesn’t approve of the relationship. They tell him he can’t be with Anju.

So Akhil asks his friend Deepak what he should do to convince his parents to accept Anju. He really wants to be with her but his family is standing in the way.

The movie shows all the emotions that come with love – happiness, heartbreak, rejection. It’s about fighting for love even when others disapprove.

Akhil has to figure out how to make his family understand his feelings for Anju. Will they end up together? Or will his parents force them apart?

Watch the movie to find out! It looks like an interesting love story with lots of drama about following your heart. Even when it’s difficult, Akhil won’t give up on Anju.

Let me know if you want me to explain the plot in any more detail!

18 Plus Cast

  • Naslen K. Gafoor as Arjun
  • Mathew Thomas as Nikhil
  • Meenakshi Dinesh as Athira
  • Nikhila Vimal as Renju
  • Binu Pappu as Raveendran
  • Rajesh Madhav as Prabhakar
  • Safwan as Renju’s father
  • Anshid as Pattar

18 Plus Trailer Response

The trailer for the new movie 18 Plus is out! It stars Mathew Thomas, Nelson, Nikhila Vimal, and Meenakshi Dinesh.

Fans are really impressed by Nelson’s amazing acting in the trailer. It looks like he gives a mind blowing performance!

The trailer shows this will be a fun rom-com/drama movie. Mathew, Nikhila, and Meenakshi play the main roles.

There’s lots of comedy moments mixed into the romance story that are making people laugh. The cast’s performances look excellent.

Overall, the 18 Plus trailer promises great acting, romance, and humor. After seeing the trailer, I’m excited to watch the full movie!

It looks like a good mix of comedy and drama with impressive performances. I think fans of rom-coms will really enjoy 18 Plus when it releases.

Let me know if you have any other questions about the 18 Plus trailer or movie! I’m happy to explain more.

18 Plus Box-office Collection

Director Arun D Jose’s new movie “18 Plus” came out in theaters recently. It’s the second film he has directed.

“18 Plus” was made with a small budget. But it earned over Rs 2 crores (Rs 20 million) in its first week in theaters!

That’s a great box office collection. It shows audiences are really enjoying the movie.

On social media like Twitter and Facebook, “18 Plus” also got excellent ratings and reviews.

Fans are praising the comedy and romance in the film. They say it’s entertaining to watch.

It’s awesome that a small budget film like “18 Plus” is getting this kind of positive response. Arun D Jose must be so happy!

The box office earnings and social media love show that audiences really like this new rom-com movie. It sounds fun and well-made.

I’m excited to watch “18 Plus” when it releases online! Let me know if you have any other questions about how well it is doing.

How To Watch 18 Plus On OTT Platform

Want to watch the movie 18 Plus online? Here are the steps:

First, go to the Disney+Hotstar website or download their app on your phone or tablet.

If you’re new, sign up for an account with your email or phone number. Choose a username and password.

Log into your Disney+Hotstar account on the website or app. Look through the list of movies to find 18 Plus.

You can also search for it by typing “18 Plus” in the search bar. This will show if it’s available to watch.

When you find 18 Plus, just tap or click on it! Then you can pick your language preference.

Finally, press play and start watching 18 Plus from the comfort of your home. Enjoy the show!

Let me know if you need any help getting signed up or finding the movie on Disney+Hotstar. I’m happy to walk you through the steps to stream 18 Plus online. Just ask!

18 Plus Movie FAQ

Is 18 Plus on Disney+ Hotstar yet?

Nope, you can’t watch 18 Plus on any OTT platforms just yet. But it should be coming to Hotstar soon!

How can I watch 18 Plus now?

You’ll have to go see it in theaters for now. Once it’s on Hotstar, you’ll need a paid membership to watch it at home.

Who are the actors in 18 Plus?

The main actors are Nelson, Mathew Thomas, Meenakshi Dinesh and Nikhila Vimal.

What OTT will have 18 Plus?

Reports say 18 Plus will be on Disney+Hotstar when it releases online.

When is 18 Plus expected on OTT?

Nothing official yet, but rumors say end of July 2023 it could launch on Hotstar.

Who directed 18 Plus?

The director is Arun D Jose.

Who did the music for 18 Plus?

The music composer was Christo Xavier.

When did 18 Plus come out?

18 Plus hit theaters on July 7, 2023.

Let me know if you need any clarification on when or how to watch 18 Plus!

Disclaimer: The information regarding 18 Plus has been gathered from multiple sources. While we strive for accuracy, we cannot guarantee the complete reliability or up-to-date nature of the details provided. Viewer discretion is advised, and we encourage cross-referencing with official announcements for the most accurate and current information about the show.

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