Alexee Trevizo

We have some shocking news to share that is currently making waves online due to its seriousness. A woman named Alexee Trevizo, a 19-year-old resident of New Mexico, has confessed to the unthinkable act of disposing her newborn child in a hospital trash bin. This disturbing revelation has caught the attention of people everywhere, leaving them stunned. The news has quickly spread across the internet, with individuals eagerly searching for more information about this distressing incident. In this article, we will strive to provide a comprehensive account of the events surrounding this tragic case.

Alexee Trevizo Baby Autopsy Results

According to the Report, she was charged with first-degree murder a week ago. Alternatively, she abused a child, which resulted in the death of a child. There is a wide spectrum of evidence against her. A woman from New Mexico agreed to give birth in a hospital restroom. Several things remain to be said regarding the news, which will be covered in the following section of the article.

Alexee Trevizo
Alexee Trevizo

Baby Died Of Asphyxia

Alexee Trevizo died of asphyxia caused by smothering, despite the fact that he was delivered alive and full-term. According to the report, previously released footage has surfaced. The police discovered it. Aside from that, she hid the baby in the garbage, where it was subsequently discovered dead. The 19-year-old woman was arrested and charged with first-degree murder, or assault on a child resulting in death. After conducting evidentiary study just a week after giving birth to her baby in secret at Artesia General Hospital. That was on January 27th. She also tampered with evidence, according to the charges. Scroll down the page to find out more critical information about the story.

Furthermore, she accepted her apologies. She informed her mother and the actor of the discovery of the child’s body in the bathroom. According to the doctor, the child’s body was discovered in the bathroom and “it came out of her, and she was blank to take action, so she told Lexee this news.” When the news broke, people began blaming the mother for killing her own child. This was a repulsive action. If we learn of any new information, we will post it here first. Stay tuned for additional information.

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