Arthur Leeth death
Arthur Leeth death leaving an irreplaceable void in the performing arts community. His legacy endures in cherished memories and inspiration.


The passing of Arthur Leeth leaves an indescribable void. More than a mentor he was an inspiration wise advisor and dear friend. His influence touched countless lives, his dedication to honesty compassion, and integrity serving as a guiding light.

Arthur not only advocated for excellence but lived it setting a high standard that inspired others to do the same. His departure creates an emptiness impossible to fill, but his impact will endure in the hearts of those fortunate enough to have known him. The legacy of Arthur Leeth transcends words, a testament to a life lived with purpose and profound influence.

Who was Arthur Leeth ?

Meet Arthur Leeth, born on February 5, 1953, in Haverhill, Massachusetts. Beyond his dance prowess, he was a devoted teacher, music librarian, and administrator at the Boston Ballet for over four decades, showcasing unwavering commitment and passion. Arthur’s journey in the performing arts began with vocational training at Butler University, initially focusing on music. A scholarship in dance redirected his path, unveiling the multifaceted talent that defined his illustrious career.

Furthering his education in New York, Arthur honed his skills at prestigious institutions like Joffrey and the School of American Ballet (SAB). He earned a scholarship at the renowned American Ballet Theatre, cementing his commitment to mastering the art of dance. Arthur Leeth’s legacy extends beyond the stage, leaving an enduring impact on the world of performing arts.

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Arthur Leeth Death

Currently the circumstances surrounding Arthur Leeth’s passing remain undisclosed. The Boston Ballet confirmed his departure through a Facebook post prompting the community’s curiosity for more information. The details of his death are expected to be shared with the public as soon as they become available.

Obituary and Funeral

Reflecting on the life and passing of Arthur Leeth fills our hearts with sorrow. A remarkable individual, he touched many lives, leaving an indelible mark on the community. Arthur’s memory will be forever cherished by those fortunate enough to have known him. Beyond the sadness of his departure, this is an opportunity to celebrate a life brimming with adventure, love, and a profound commitment to serving others. Arthur transcended being just a name; he was a beacon of generosity and kindness, leaving behind a legacy that resonates in the hearts of all who were touched by his warmth and spirit.

Final Verdicts

Arthur Leeth, a mentor, and inspiration, left an irreplaceable void with his dedication to honesty, compassion, and excellence. Born in 1953, he was more than a dancer; a teacher, music librarian, and Boston Ballet stalwart for over four decades. His legacy in the performing arts began at Butler University, transforming into a scholarship in dance. Beyond New York’s prestigious institutions, Arthur’s impact resonated at the American Ballet Theatre. His passing, shrouded in mystery, leaves a community in curiosity, eager for details. Reflecting on his life prompts both sorrow and celebration, as Arthur’s warmth and kindness linger in cherished memories.

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