Bloomington man arrested on rape charges

BLOOMINGTON – A man has been apprehended by the police following allegations of sexually assaulting a woman within his apartment.

Shubham Bipin Kumar, aged 28, was taken into custody on charges of rape in cases where the victim is unaware of the perpetrator’s actions, categorized as a Level 3 felony, and rape involving a victim who is mentally disabled or deficient, also classified as a Level 3 felony.

The Bloomington Police initiated their inquiry on Sunday, August 6, responding to a report that a woman was receiving medical attention at IU Health Hospital due to a reported sexual assault.

According to the woman’s account given to law enforcement, she and Kumar had both been present at a local bar. Kumar, a stranger to her, approached and offered her a “pink alcoholic drink.” After consuming the beverage, the woman began feeling considerably intoxicated. Later, when Kumar tried to initiate physical contact, she rebuffed him, expressing her disinterest in one-night stands.

As her intoxication escalated, she expressed her wish to leave and return home. Kumar, offering assistance, suggested arranging an Uber ride for her. Following this, he escorted her to the front door, helping her down the stairs, with her arm draped over his shoulder for support. At this point, she shared her address, assuming that Kumar was arranging the Uber to take her home.

However, contrary to her request, Kumar directed the Uber driver to his own apartment. Once there, despite her belief that she had fallen asleep in a bedroom with her clothes on, the woman reported instances of non-consensual sexual contact.

Subsequently, she arranged another Uber, this time instructing the driver to take her to the hospital. There, she recounted the incident to medical staff and law enforcement officers.

During police questioning, Kumar acknowledged sexually touching the woman and asserted that she had performed oral sex on him, claiming she had not voiced any objections.

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