Paytm Credit Card Paytm Credit Card : India’s favorite gaming website, has partnered with Paytm the leading digital payments provider, to launch an exclusive co-branded credit card specifically for gaming and entertainment needs.

This first-of-its-kind offering in India aims to enhance the gaming experience by making transactions faster, affordable and more rewarding for purchasing games, hardware, accessories as well as in-game items.

Transforming Gaming Purchases with Paytm Credit Card

Purchasing games and gaming gear can make quite a dent in your pocket. But the newly launched Paytm Credit Card makes these transactions easier and more rewarding for gaming aficionados in India. Equipped with gamer-centric features, security mechanisms and intuitive management, it overcomes many pain points.

Specialized for Gaming Needs

What sets the Paytm Credit Card apart is how it is fine-tuned for gaming expenditures. You earn accelerated 7% cashback when buying games, accessories, hardware and more from for all your gaming needs.

Even in-game purchases and console game downloads provide the 7% return, subsidizing these costs over time. Plus, you get elevated cashback on entertainment like gaming events, movies and theme parks where gaming merch is sold.

Easy Application and Tracking

Applying for this credit card requires basic eligibility proofs after which approval and issuance are swift. The integrated Paytm app itself then serves as an intuitive one-stop portal for tracking expenses, cashback earnings, card statements etc. without juggling multiple apps.

Robust Security Practices

On security, the Paytm Credit Card implements multiple encryption mechanisms like 3D Secure to safeguard your financial data during online purchases on ecommerce sites and in-game stores.

Additionally, it bears zero fraud liability, covering losses from unauthorized transactions. OTP protections, account alerts and responsive assistance further solidify reliable, stress-free usage tailored for gaming buyers.

With lucrative rewards and robust security exclusively for gamers, the Paytm Credit Card transforms gaming purchases into quicker, smoother and more affordable experiences. It overcomes transactional friction to let you stay focused on conquering gameplay challenges and destinations.

Analyzing the Key Features and Benefits

The Paytm Credit Card packs several features tailored for gaming enthusiasts:

  • 7% unlimited cashback on all purchases made on
  • 2% unlimited cashback on entertainment including gaming merchandise, movies, theme parks etc.
  • 1.5% unlimited cashback on all other online and in-store purchases
  • Instant 15% discount (up to Rs 500) on 5 select popular game titles on first 2 card usages
  • Dedicated customer support for all card-related queries and issues

Together, these features ensure maximum savings on every transaction you make with this card, whether gaming and entertainment or general shopping.

The higher 7% cashback rate on subsidizes the costs of purchasing games, gaming laptops, accessories etc. This allows you to save substantially over time on gaming expenses.

The 2% entertainment cashback covers gaming merch, collectibles, movies, streaming services, amusement parks etc. So all your entertainment spends also get rewarded.

Additionally, the card offers 1.5% cashback on day-to-day non-gaming transactions like groceries, travel bookings, restaurant bills etc.

The instant 15% discount makes some hot gaming titles more affordable right away when you first use the card.

Finally, specialized customer support ensures quick resolution of all card-related issues without disrupting your gaming time.

Evaluating the Eligibility and Application Process

The eligibility criteria and application process for the card is straightforward:

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Age 21-60 years
  • Annual income >₹3 lakhs
  • Good credit score record

Application Process:

  1. Visit website or app and navigate to the Paytm Credit Card page
  2. Provide your personal, financial and employment details for the application
  3. Upload scanned copies of KYC documents including PAN card and proof of address
  4. If your credit score is above the cut-off, the application is approved
  5. Both physical and e-card are dispatched within 5-7 working days

You can also check your pre-approved limit in advance before applying on the website. This confirms your eligibility.

Addressing Frequently Asked Questions

Here we address some additional common queries:

How can I track cashback earnings and redemption?

You can track cashback credit and redemptions via text messages, email alerts and the card statement. The Paytm app and website also provide real-time cashback status.

Is there a minimum transaction amount for getting cashback?

No, cashback is earned on all eligible transactions regardless of the spending amount. So even small transactions provide savings over time.

Can this card be used to purchase games on PlayStation, Xbox or Steam?

Yes, digital game purchases via gaming console stores and platforms like PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, Steam etc. are eligible for 7% cashback.

Does the card provide personal accidental cover?

Yes, the card provides air accident insurance cover of Rs 50 lakhs along with other protection covers for fraudulent transactions, lost card liability etc.

We hope this detailed guide helps you understand why the Paytm Credit Card is a must-have for serious gamers looking to save on every purchase. Apply now and start leveling up your savings on every transaction.

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