Cassie Troyer Obituary

Cassie Troyer Obituary: Casey Jordan Troyer’s vibrant spirit and love for family shone brightly during his 37 years of life. Though his time with us was far too short, Casey made the most of every moment.

Born on August 18, 1986 in Goshen, Indiana, Casey was a beloved member of the Granger community. His passions were wide-ranging, and he pursued them with enthusiasm – always eager to share the joy they brought him with others.

On the evening of August 25, 2023, the community lost one of its brightest lights when Casey passed away. Though we grieve his loss, we can find comfort in memories of his warmth and vibrancy. Casey Jordan Troyer lived fully and left behind a legacy of love. He will be dearly missed.

Cassie Troyer Obituary
Cassie Troyer Obituary

Treasured Connections and Fond Memories Adoring Husband, Father, and Stepfather

Casey Jordan Troyer touched many lives during his 37 years. Those closest to him will forever carry cherished memories of Casey in their hearts.

His devoted wife Ashley and their son Augustine “Gus” survive Casey, along with his caring stepdaughters Madison and Bella Filley. Casey’s parents, Steven Troyer and Dilynn Puckett, were instrumental in raising him and treasured their time together. Casey shared a loving bond with his sibling Trevor Troyer and stepsisters Andrea Puckett and Amber Miller, built on shared experiences and affection.

Casey’s grandmothers, Jolinda Zook and Ruby Puckett, enriched his life. He also forged meaningful relationships with his five nieces and nephews.

Casey pursued knowledge with dedication, earning degrees from Butler University and Indiana University Bloomington. His intelligence and compassion made him an ideal RV salesman for Forest River RV.

Casey’s vibrant personality left an impression on all who knew him. He enjoyed sports like golf, basketball and volleyball, and shone as a skilled guitarist. Casey found relaxation with his cats Claude and Julie.

Though gone too soon, Casey Jordan Troyer lived fully and touched many lives. He will be deeply missed.

Cassie Troyer Obituary

Casey Jordan left behind beautiful memories, especially those created with his siblings and nephews on the lake. Their close bond and the times they shared will remain in their hearts forever.

Visitation will be held at Miller-Stewart Funeral Home on August 29, followed by funeral services and interment at Miller 8 Square Cemetery in Goshen.

To honor Casey’s legacy, donations can be made to Ryan’s Place. As we remember him, let us celebrate the love, laughter and influence he gave to all.

Though Casey is no longer with us, the special moments and relationships he built will endure. We will miss him deeply but find solace in reminiscing about his vibrant spirit and unforgettable presence. Casey Jordan lived fully and touched many – his memory will continue to inspire.

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