Chris spanto car accident – The tragic news has emerged that Chris Printup, better known as Spanto, has passed away in a car accident.

Spanto was the cofounder of the popular clothing brand Born x Raised which made a huge impact in the fashion world. His sudden death in a car accident on June 27, 2023 has come as a tremendous shock to his supporters. Spanto was very young, making the tragic accident even more heartbreaking for his loved ones and fans.

The details surrounding his car accident are still emerging, but the outpouring of grief over losing Spanto so  unexpectedly speaks to how much he meant to so many. His contributions to Born x Raised changed streetwear and his premature passing in a devastating car crash is incredibly upsetting news that his supporters are still grappling with.

More details will likely emerge about the circumstances of the accident that caused Spanto’s untimely death, but the pain of losing him so suddenly is being deeply felt across the communities he impacted.

Who is Chris spanto

Chris “Spanto” Printup was the co-founder of the urban lifestyle brand Born x Raised and a pivotal figure in the Los Angeles music and fashion scenes. Born in the 1980s in Los Angeles, California, Spanto dedicated himself to honoring and representing his hometown through his clothing company. He launched Born x Raised in 2013 with the mission of celebrating Los Angeles’ rich history and diverse cultures.

Spanto revolutionized the streetwear industry through Born x Raised’s iconic caps, hoodies, and t-shirts inspired by Los Angeles. He forged partnerships with beloved local institutions like the Dodgers and Lakers, further cementing Born x Raised as a brand devoted to its city. Beyond fashion, Spanto was known for his generosity, charisma, and commitment to the LA community.

Tragically, Spanto passed away on June 27, 2023 at the age of 40. His unexpected death was mourned by many who knew him as an innovative creator and tireless supporter of Los Angeles. Spanto left behind a meaningful legacy through Born x Raised, the brand he built from the ground up to embody the spirit and stories of his beloved hometown. He will be remembered both for his game-changing accomplishments in the fashion world and his devotion to the city that shaped him

Wha happend with Chris spanto in car accident

Chris Printup, known as Spanto, was the co-founder of Born x Raised. Tragically, he passed away in a devastating car accident. The exact details of what caused the accident are not yet known.

This sad news has deeply impacted the streetwear community, his collaborators, and his fans. Spanto was well-respected for his big contributions to fashion. His creative vision and collaborations with brands like New Era, Converse, the LA Lakers, Dodgers, Kings, Rams, and LAFC made him a legend in the industry. His work blended style, cultural influences, and a real love for his hometown LA.

Spanto’s life was cut short by the terrible car crash. Just a month after starting Born x Raised in 2013, he had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. But he showed amazing resilience and determination. In 2018, it was reported he had overcome cancer, inspiring many with his drive to pursue his dreams despite the illness.

Losing Spanto so suddenly has left a hole in the creative community. His artistic legacy and entrepreneurial spirit will be remembered. Beyond fashion, he touched lives through philanthropy, community dedication, and the impact of his journey. His contributions will live on, even after his tragic passing in the car accident. Spanto made a real difference, and is deeply missed.

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