Daniel Patry Autopsy
Note: Please be advised that this news article contains details of a violent crime. Reader discretion is strongly advised.

A 17-year-old named Daniel Patry killed 12-year-old Gabriel Kuhn. Although the incident actually occurred in 2012, word of it has only recently come to light. Following the publication of the autopsy report, talk of the murder has resumed. The entire tale is told in this article. Daniel Patry and Gabriel Khun’s pictures can be found here, along with other case-related information.

Daniel Patry Autopsy

According to the postmortem assessment, Daniel Patry severely battered Gabriel Kuhn. The young man was later discovered dead, strangled. Kuhn’s face was bruised, and Patry chuckled as he continued to strike the wounded Kuhn.

Gabriel’s threat to reveal Daniel’s family’s secrets to everyone immediately caused the situation to worsen. In the end, Patry calmed Kuhn by putting a rope around his neck. Due to respiratory insufficiency, the 12-year-old lost consciousness and passed away. In an effort to hide the fact that he had killed his victim, Patry had mangled the body. The attic, which was roughly 1.80 meters above the ground, was the final location he decided to bury him.

The body was found at a neighbor’s house at around noon on the same day, mutilated at the hips. When Patry finally came clean, he admitted that he had attempted to hang the body from a thread using a ladder.

He sawed off the legs to make it lighter, then took the body over to the neighbor’s house. Gabriel’s legs were cut while he was still alive, according to the autopsy.

Daniel Patry Autopsy
Daniel Patry Autopsy

Daniel Patry Death cause

Gabriel Kuhn was just a young 12-year-old boy at the time. In 2012, Daniel Patry had already abused him by the time he was 16 years old. Kuhn succumbed to his injuries at home. He was repeatedly tormented and mistreated by Patry. It was determined via further investigation that Tibia alone was accountable for the tragedy.

From 1997 through 2007, this online multiplayer game had teenagers all around the world engrossed. Several players have invested money in home renovations in the interim. According to the police, Gabriel took money from Daniel. Around 20,000 virtual coins worth $1.55 were reportedly involved. The victim was given more of the same game money, but she refused to give it back. A thoughtless adolescent named Daniel eventually attacked Kuhn, killing him.

Photos From The Crime Scenes Involving Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry Have Appeared on Reddit

Twitter and Reddit and Tiktok have once again become repositories for the images and stories originally shared by Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry. Many individuals are actively searching for the first autopsy picture to be taken. People have claimed the pictures and stories are fake. However, the occurrence was real.

Daniel Patry was transferred to a juvenile detention center after killing Kuhn. For the murder, the judge gave him a three-year prison term.

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