Rachel Morin

Rachel Morin, a devoted mother of five, maintained a busy lifestyle that included regular spray tan appointments and participation in multiple dating sites. Despite her varied interests, her main focus was her children, who she cared for diligently, according to her employers.

Margaret Woltz, 69, shared insights about Rachel, describing her as warm and deeply committed to her children. As the owner of her own cleaning business, Rachel worked for the Woltz couple for eight years, ensuring their home was well-maintained.

Described as easygoing and usually in good spirits, Rachel’s behavior showed a change in the week leading up to her tragic demise. Margaret Woltz noticed her being somewhat distracted during that time. Regardless, Rachel’s primary concern was her children’s well-being, and she raised them with discipline and care.

Rachel’s children, aged 8 to 18, come from different fathers. They have now been sent to live with their respective dads after her death. On August 5, Rachel was last seen heading out on the Ma & Pa Trail at 6 p.m. Her car was discovered parked near the trail. She was reported missing by Tobin, her boyfriend, shortly before midnight.

Richard Tobin, who had a history of legal issues, denied any involvement in Rachel’s death. While the Harford County Sheriff’s Department has not disclosed suspects, they have confirmed that Rachel’s death involved foul play. Tobin was one of the individuals questioned regarding the case.

Amid the confusion, a local man named Michael Gabriszeski described discovering Rachel’s body in a tunnel on the trail. However, authorities advised ignoring his account. John Gabriszeski, Michael’s father, clarified that while his son did not find the body himself, he was part of a group that did. Their intention was to locate Rachel, with her stepdaughter being acquainted with her.

The investigation is ongoing, and despite inquiries from media outlets, relatives of Richard Tobin remain quiet on the matter.

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