DoorDash Sign Up Bonus

The DoorDash sign-up bonus is a coveted reward for new Dashers, and it’s a sought-after perk when starting out on the platform. However, it’s essential to understand that the bonus can differ based on various factors, including your location and more. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of the DoorDash sign-up bonus, helping you understand how to secure this enticing incentive.

Is Being a DoorDash Driver For You?

Before you dive into the process of becoming a DoorDash driver, there are some essential questions to address. DoorDash is a key player in the gig economy, offering an opportunity for people to earn extra income. For some, it’s not just a side gig; it’s their livelihood. Apart from the financial aspect, DoorDash provides a unique way to explore your city or local area.

Here are a few compelling reasons why many individuals aspire to be DoorDash drivers:

  1. Flexibility: DoorDash offers a level of flexibility that traditional jobs often can’t match. You’re not tied to a fixed schedule, and you have the freedom to choose when you work.
  2. Flexible Pay: With DoorDash, you have the ability to control when you receive your earnings, providing a sense of financial control.
  3. Independence: While you don’t have a traditional boss, it’s crucial to adhere to DoorDash’s rules and regulations. This independence allows you to manage your work on your terms.

Now that you’ve considered the reasons behind your interest in becoming a DoorDash driver, let’s explore what’s required to qualify and start your journey as a DoorDash driver, also known as a Dasher.

What Are the Requirements to be a DoorDash Driver?

In this section, let’s delve into the prerequisites and necessary documentation for aspiring DoorDash drivers. We’ll begin by exploring the prerequisites to determine if you meet the eligibility criteria for becoming a DoorDash driver.

Requirements Before Becoming DoorDash Drivers:

  1. Smartphone: You must have your own smartphone with the DoorDash driver app installed to manage deliveries and orders.
  2. Age Requirement: You should be at least 18 years old. However, it’s worth noting that in some states, 17-year-olds are eligible to obtain driver’s licenses.
  3. Vehicle Access: To work as a DoorDash driver, you need access to a mode of transportation, which can include a bicycle, scooter, motorcycle, car, or truck.
  4. Background Check: DoorDash conducts background checks, and you must successfully pass these checks to be eligible.
  5. Driving Record: Your driving history should not include more than three accidents in the past three years or any major traffic violations in the past seven years.

Documentations Required For DoorDash Driver Applicants:

  1. Valid Driver’s License: You need a valid driver’s license to operate a vehicle for deliveries.
  2. Valid Insurance Policy: Your name must be listed on the insurance policy, providing coverage for your delivery vehicle.
  3. Social Security Number (SSN): DoorDash requires your SSN for background checks as part of the application process.

Before you get excited about the DoorDash driver sign-up bonus, it’s essential to understand and fulfill these requirements, as they play a crucial role in determining your eligibility.

Is There a DoorDash Driver Sign-Up Bonus?

It’s important to note that this information can vary from year to year. Fortunately, in 2023, DoorDash is indeed offering a sign-up bonus for new drivers. However, the bonus amount is contingent on the area where you intend to work, specifically the city or town you plan to serve.

To answer your question, yes, DoorDash does provide a sign-up bonus. The key requirement is that you’ll need a valid DoorDash driver referral code to access the bonus amount. We’ll delve further into this aspect in the later part of this guide.

DoorDash Sign Up Bonus
DoorDash Sign Up Bonus

How Does the DoorDash Sign-Up Bonus Work?

Becoming a DoorDash driver is a straightforward process. To guide you through it step by step, here’s how you can sign up as a new DoorDash driver:

Step #1: Apply to be a DoorDash Driver Begin by applying for a DoorDash driver account. DoorDash recommends using their official sign-up link to create your account. However, please be aware that this might not grant you the sign-up bonus as you’ll need to sign up using a valid referral code. During this step, you will need to provide your:

  • Postal Code
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number

Step #2: Referral Code Keep in mind that there have been recent updates to DoorDash’s sign-up bonus formula. Older referral links might not work, so you’ll require a new and valid DoorDash driver referral code or referral link when you sign up. It’s essential to use the correct code to access your bonus. The sign-up bonus or guaranteed earnings can be quite substantial, going up to $1,000.

Step #3: Contact Information Next, provide your contact information, including your email address and phone number. This information is crucial in case DoorDash needs to reach out to you for further details.

Step #4: Background Check All prospective drivers must complete a background check as part of the application process. DoorDash uses this check to verify an applicant’s eligibility for the position. Rest assured that DoorDash keeps this information confidential and secure. For the background check, you’ll need to provide:

  • Birthdate
  • Vehicle Type
  • Social Security Number (SSN)

Step #5: DoorDash Orientation Schedule It’s essential to attend a DoorDash orientation to gain a better understanding of the process, just like drivers for other gig economy platforms such as Uber, Postmates, or Lyft. Note that some areas offer virtual online orientation sessions, eliminating the need to attend a physical site.

Step #6: Download the DoorDash Driver App Finally, download the DoorDash Driver app and stay tuned for updates. This concludes the comprehensive DoorDash application process to become a driver. While the referral program is a viable option, the primary focus now revolves around Guaranteed Earnings, which we will delve into next.

As mentioned earlier, Guaranteed Earnings are the main offering from DoorDash, so let’s explore that in detail.

What are the DoorDash Guaranteed Earnings?

If you’re curious about how DoorDash’s Guaranteed Earnings work, you’ve come to the right guide. Simply put, Guaranteed Earnings is an incentive offered by DoorDash, ensuring that drivers, known as Dashers, receive a guaranteed amount after completing deliveries.

It’s important to note that Guaranteed Earnings are not a DoorDash promo code, nor are they part of a specific program that DoorDash drivers need to enroll in. Moreover, this incentive does not necessitate the use or activation of a DoorDash referral code. Now, let’s take a deeper dive into how prospective DoorDash drivers can benefit from this program.

Am I Eligible For the DoorDash Guaranteed Earnings?

Eligibility for DoorDash’s Guaranteed Earnings doesn’t hinge on using a DoorDash referral code. It’s crucial to understand that this isn’t akin to a DoorDash referral bonus but rather a program that DoorDash extends to select drivers as part of a DoorDash sign-up bonus.

To determine your eligibility, you need to initiate the DoorDash sign-up process through a unique Guaranteed Earnings sign-up page. This means that no other prospective driver should have previously used it. Think of it like a DoorDash referral code or link—if you don’t encounter it, you’re simply not eligible for this program. It’s the exclusive way to access the incentives provided by Guaranteed Earnings.

What tends to perplex DoorDash drivers is that this isn’t a straightforward sign-up bonus or incentive. Instead, it operates as a conditional program, necessitating Dashers to complete a specified number of deliveries within a given timeframe. This is a marked departure from how DoorDash referral codes or DoorDash promo codes functioned.

Let’s illustrate this with an example. Say you receive a prompt on your app that reads, “Earn at least $1,000 in total earnings after your first 100 deliveries as a new DoorDash Driver if you complete it in 21 days.”

In this scenario, if you accomplish 100 deliveries during your first 21 days as a Dasher, you’ll receive a minimum of $1,000. If you earn only $800, DoorDash will add $200. If you make $900, DoorDash adds $100. However, if you surpass $1,200 in earnings, you’ll exceed the minimum deliveries and amount guarantee, which will disqualify you from this payment program. This means that if you surpass the guaranteed threshold due to factors like longer distances, the number of deliveries, or the city you’re working in, you won’t receive this DoorDash sign-up bonus. Many Dashers find this aspect challenging and yearn for the simpler, more traditional DoorDash sign-up bonus structure. Nevertheless, it’s still a way to earn extra money, even if you fall slightly short of the guaranteed amount.

What Are DoorDash Challenges?

New DoorDash account holders and DoorDash drivers often grapple with distinguishing DoorDash Challenges from Guaranteed Earnings. In essence, DoorDash Challenges are incentives designed to help DoorDash drivers earn extra money by completing a specific number of deliveries within a predefined time frame.

To illustrate, a challenge might involve completing 80 deliveries from Monday at 12:01 AM to Wednesday at 11:59 PM, with a reward of $50. You can locate these DoorDash sign-up bonuses for challenges within your DoorDash app.

It’s important to note that many individuals mistakenly associate these challenges with DoorDash referral bonuses, but they are distinct. DoorDash Challenges are open to all Dashers in a given area, whereas Guaranteed Earnings are typically reserved for new Dashers, specifically those who haven’t been dashing for over a month.

DoorDash Challenges are just one of the various programs that the food delivery app offers to give back to its Dashers or drivers, while Guaranteed Earnings serve as a promotional tool aimed at enticing new drivers to join the platform.

It’s worth mentioning that both Guaranteed Earnings and DoorDash Challenges come with specific rules and guidelines. Therefore, it’s advisable to thoroughly read and reach out to DoorDash if you have any questions or concerns regarding these promotions or programs.

This year, this represents the primary DoorDash sign-up bonus available. Although it may not strictly fit the definition of a “referral code” since it requires a referral link, it effectively encourages new drivers and Dashers to get behind the wheel and start earning!


here are some of the frequently asked questions about DoorDash’s sign-up bonus and referral code availability:

Q: How Do You Get $30 on DoorDash? A: The $30 DoorDash signup bonus was part of a previous program by the company. It was offered to new drivers who signed up using a valid and qualified DoorDash referral code.

Q: What is DoorDash’s $300 For 10 Deliveries? A: DoorDash has offered driver bonus incentives tied to completing a certain number of deliveries within a specific time frame. However, the $300 for 10 deliveries program was relatively short-lived, likely due to the high level of interest and fast completion by many Dashers. Some found this promotion to be quite lucrative, which may have contributed to its brief availability.

Q: How to Do the DoorDash Guaranteed Earnings Sign-Up? A: To be eligible for the DoorDash Guaranteed Earnings sign-up bonus, you need to register using a valid Guaranteed Earnings sign-up link. If you don’t see this option on your app or during the sign-up process, it means you aren’t eligible for the Guaranteed DoorDash driver earnings.

Q: Is There a DoorDash 100 Deliveries Bonus? A: Delivery driver bonuses, including those related to completing a certain number of deliveries, can vary from city to city. While some cities may offer a 100 deliveries bonus for DoorDash drivers, it’s important to check DoorDash’s current promotions to see what bonuses are available in your area.

Q: Do You Get a Free DoorDash When You Sign Up? A: Yes, as a customer, you can enjoy a free DoorDash delivery on your first order when you sign up. However, it’s essential to note that the DoorDash bonus typically refers to a promotion for drivers rather than customers, and it doesn’t provide a cash bonus but rather waives the delivery fee for a customer’s initial order. Be cautious of misinformation regarding promotions and offers from delivery companies.

Final Verdict

If you’re seeking the DoorDash sign-up bonus as an incentive to become a DoorDash driver, you’re in the right place. While referral code sign-up bonuses are no longer available in some areas, DoorDash’s Guaranteed Earnings program serves as a compelling way to encourage and inspire individuals to apply and join as DoorDash Drivers or Dashers.

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