Elderly woman's tragic death

An unfortunate incident occurred in Noida’s Sector 137, where an elderly woman lost her life after an elevator malfunctioned in a high-rise society. The victim has been identified as 73-year-old Sushila Devi, a resident of Paras Tiera society, according to the police.

The incident took place on a Thursday evening around 4 pm when the woman boarded the lift alone on the eighth floor of Tower 24, intending to reach the ground floor. Tragically, the elevator malfunctioned, and its wire snapped, causing a sudden free fall. The lift hit the ground, and fellow residents and housekeeping staff rushed to her aid, taking her to the hospital. However, she was pronounced dead upon arrival at Felix Hospital.

Dr. DK Gupta, the hospital’s chairman, noted that the woman had injuries to the back of her head and elbows, likely caused by the fall. The suddenness of the event suggested the possibility of a cardiac arrest.

The woman had been living with her son and daughter-in-law in the society, but they were not immediately available for comment. In the wake of the incident, other residents of the society gathered in the common area, demanding accountability and action against those responsible.

Residents shared concerns about the poor maintenance of the elevators, with numerous complaints submitted to the society representatives in the past. However, no action had been taken. The society had recently transitioned from the builder to the Apartment Owners’ Association, but maintenance issues persisted.

Col Ramesh Gautam, the president of the society’s AOA, did not respond to attempts to reach him.

ADCP Dixit mentioned that an official complaint from the deceased’s family was yet to be submitted, and once received, an FIR would be registered at the Sector 142 police station.

The private company responsible for maintaining the lifts stated they were investigating the matter and couldn’t confirm the reason for the free fall at this time.

The society in question comprises 3,954 flats in 32 towers, each with 24 floors, housing around 15,000 people.


In Noida’s Sector 137, a tragic incident occurred where an elderly woman lost her life due to an elevator malfunction in a high-rise society. The woman was alone in the lift when its wire snapped, causing a fatal free fall.

Residents of the society had been expressing concerns about the malfunctioning elevators for several months, but their complaints went unaddressed.

An FIR will be registered in the matter once the family of the deceased files a written complaint.

The private company responsible for elevator maintenance is conducting an investigation into the incident.

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