Erica Alonso Autopsy

The death of Erica Alonso, a 28-year-old Laguna Hills woman who went missing in February, has been determined to be the result of an overdose involving drugs and alcohol, according to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. Investigators have concluded that her death was not a homicide.

Erica Alonso Autopsy Details

  1. Toxicology Results: The autopsy revealed that Erica Alonso had varying levels of alcohol and Gamma Hydroxybutyrate (GHB) in her system at the time of her death.
  2. GHB and its Effects: GHB, commonly known as a “club drug” or “date rape drug,” is a potent sedative that can incapacitate unsuspecting victims. At high doses, it can lead to sleep, coma, or even death.
  3. Lethal Combination: Based on Alonso’s blood alcohol concentration of .22 and the amount of GHB found in her system, the coroner determined that the combination and amounts were lethal, resulting in an overdose.
  4. Manner of Death: While the cause of death was ruled as an overdose, the manner of death remains undetermined, and investigators continue to seek information about the circumstances surrounding Alonso’s death and the discovery of her body.
Erica Alonso Autopsy
Erica Alonso Autopsy

Timeline of Events:

  1. Disappearance: Erica Alonso went missing on February 15 after leaving her boyfriend’s house in Irvine.
  2. Vehicle Found: Her 2014 Honda Civic was discovered on March 25 in a residential complex in Aliso Viejo, approximately one mile from her home in Laguna Hills.
  3. Body Found: On April 27, Erica Alonso’s body was found off of Ortega Highway in the Cleveland National Forest, about 12 miles east of Interstate 5. The discovery was made by a group of biologists working for Caltrans.
  4. Ongoing Investigation: The Orange County Sheriff’s Department has been conducting interviews and gathering evidence to determine the circumstances leading to Alonso’s disappearance and subsequent death.

Family’s Efforts and Support:

  1. Reward Offered: Erica Alonso’s family raised funds to offer a $5,000 reward for information regarding her whereabouts during the investigation.
  2. Communication and Support: The family maintains a Justice for Erica Alonso Facebook page to connect with supporters and provide updates on the case.


The autopsy results have confirmed that Erica Alonso’s death was the result of an overdose involving drugs and alcohol. While investigators have ruled out homicide, they continue their efforts to uncover the circumstances leading to her death and the discovery of her body. The family remains actively involved and hopeful for answers in the case.

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