Family of Ambushed Man Murdered by TikTok Star and Her Mother Speak Out

Uncle of Man Killed in TikTok Star Ambush Shares How Nephew ‘Disliked Driving’

The heartbroken uncle of Mohammed Hashim Ijazuddin, who tragically lost his life in a high-speed car chase involving TikTok star Mahek Bukhari and her mother, has revealed that his nephew had a strong aversion to driving.

Mohammed Hashim Ijazuddin and his friend Saqib Hussain met a tragic end when their Skoda Fabia crashed into a tree and burst into flames on the A46 near Leicester. The incident occurred after they were deliberately rammed off the road by an Audi and Seat carrying Mahek, her mother, and six others.

The uncle, Anser Hussain, spoke to Good Morning Britain and shared that his nephew had never been fond of driving. He recounted how Hashim often preferred to let others take the wheel whenever they went out. On the night of the incident, Hashim had reluctantly agreed to drive his friend Saqib to a meeting as a favor. Anser stated that Hashim spent considerable time convincing his friends to give Saqib a lift before ultimately borrowing his father’s car to drive them.

Anser Hussain explained, “Hashim never used to enjoy driving himself. So whenever he’d gone out he would always say to whoever was with him ‘you’re driving’… His friends have said this and they actually mentioned it in court as well.”

During the three-month trial at Leicester Crown Court, it was revealed that the collision occurred as part of a revenge plot. Saqib Hussain had reportedly threatened to expose an affair he had with Mahek’s married mother, Ansreen. The tragedy unfolded after Saqib requested Ansreen to return money he had spent on their affair.

Despite the devastating loss, Anser Hussain and his family have gained insight into the events leading up to the incident through the trials. He expressed that their understanding deepened after sitting through the legal proceedings, shedding light on the circumstances surrounding that fateful night.

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