Gannon Stauch Autopsy

Gannon Stauch, a 6-year-old boy from Colorado, was found dead in January 2020. His stepmother, Letecia Stauch, was arrested and charged with his murder. The autopsy report for Gannon Stauch has not been released, but it is expected to provide crucial evidence in the case. The autopsy will determine the cause of Gannon’s death, as well as any injuries he may have sustained before his death. The autopsy will also be used to assess Letecia Stauch’s guilt or innocence.

Gannon Stauch Autopsy
Gannon Stauch Autopsy

Gannon Stauch Autopsy

  • Brief overview of Gannon Stauch’s disappearance in January 2020.
  • Mention of Letecia Stauch, Gannon’s stepmother, as the top suspect in the case.
  • Highlight of the disturbing details regarding Gannon’s death and the ongoing trial.
  1. Gannon Stauch’s Disappearance and Step-Mother’s Involvement:
  • Background on Gannon’s disappearance and Letecia Stauch’s suspected involvement.
  • Letecia’s half-brother witnessing her carrying a suitcase believed to contain Gannon’s body.
  1. Trial Proceedings and Fierce Resistance:
  • Ongoing trial against Letecia Stauch with evidence presented in court.
  • Revealed details of Gannon’s brave attempt to fight back against his attacker.
  • Description of the extensive injuries sustained by Gannon, including sharp force and blunt force injuries, as well as a gunshot wound.
  1. Gannon Stauch’s Autopsy Findings:
  • Testimony from Dr. Susan Ignacio, who assisted in the autopsy.
  • Decomposed state of Gannon’s body and visible bones during the examination.
  • Cause of death ruled as a homicide due to blunt force injuries to the head and a jaw injury.
  1. Unusual Toxicology Report and Prescription Medications:
  • Inclusion of a toxicology report revealing the presence of Acetametaphine and Hydrocodone in Gannon’s system.
  • Unusual nature of Hydrocodone, as reported by the medical examiner.
  • Al Stauch, Gannon’s father, denying giving Hydrocodone to his children and claiming only he and Letecia knew about it.
  1. Leaked Autopsy Photo on Reddit:
  • Mention of a recent development regarding the leaked autopsy photo on Reddit.
  • Details of the post’s title and involvement of Letecia Stauch’s half-brother, Dakota Lowry.
  • No comments mentioned at the time, indicating the potential dissemination of Gannon’s autopsy photo online.


  • Recap of the distressing details surrounding Gannon Stauch’s case.
  • Emphasis on the ongoing trial proceedings and the significance of the autopsy findings.
  • Acknowledgment of the leak of Gannon’s autopsy photo and its potential impact on the case.

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