Google to Delete Your Email Account

Google made a significant announcement in May aimed at bolstering security measures and preventing potential misuse by threat actors. Starting from December 31, the tech giant will begin deleting dormant accounts to address potential security risks associated with prolonged inactivity and the absence of two-factor authentication.

Ruth Kricheli, Google’s Vice President for Product Management, emphasized the importance of safeguarding user data from potential breaches in older accounts. To prevent unintentional deletions, Google will send multiple notifications to users before permanently deleting accounts, along with the associated data from Gmail, Drive, Docs, Photos, Meet, Calendar, and other services. These notifications will be sent to the user’s primary account and the recovery email address linked to the inactive account.

Once an account is deleted, its associated Gmail address becomes ineligible for registering a new account. However, users can avoid this by logging into their Google accounts at least once every two years to keep the account active.

Alternatively, Google offers various methods to maintain account activity without regular logins. These include sending or reading emails, using Google Drive, conducting searches, watching YouTube videos, and signing in with the Google account on different websites.

Google clarified that accounts displaying activity on YouTube, such as comments, channels, videos, or holding monetary balances, will not be subject to deletion. Users who no longer need their Google accounts can use the ‘Google Takeout’ service to download all associated data before closing the account.

For account management assistance, Google provides the “Inactive Account Manager,” which serves as a reminder to users about their inactive accounts, prompting them to take necessary actions. This tool helps users stay informed and proactive in managing their accounts effectively.

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