Grants Available for Initiatives Commemorating Transgender Awareness and LGBT+ History

The clock is ticking for those interested in securing grants, with amounts of up to £1,000, to organize cultural events commemorating significant milestones within the transgender awareness and LGBT+ history calendar.

Hackney’s dedicated culture team has allocated £15,000 to be distributed before the arrival of November’s Transgender Awareness Week and Transgender Day of Remembrance, as well as the upcoming February’s LGBT+ History Month.

The council is actively seeking proposals for events that honor the diverse LGBTQIA+ community within Hackney, encompassing lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning, intersex, and asexual identities.

Past instances of grant recipients have included screenings of queer cinema at Dalston’s Rio, a guided walking tour through Stoke Newington, and a thought-provoking discussion catering to queer women and non-binary individuals. Notably, funds have also supported an engaging zine-making initiative.

These grants offer the potential to back a spectrum of events, spanning from club nights and exhibitions to talks and podcasts. Crucially, each event must exhibit LGBTQIA+ leadership or partnership.

With 16,389 individuals comprising 7.8% of the local populace, Hackney proudly boasts London’s fourth-largest LGBT+ population according to the 2021 Census. It further stands out for having a higher proportion of residents identifying as bisexual, queer, or non-binary than any other London borough. In terms of transgender residents, Hackney ranks ninth highest in England.

This financial support falls under the umbrella of the council’s Pride 365 cultural funding initiative. As the application deadline of Sunday, August 20 approaches, the council encourages interested parties to submit their proposals promptly.

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