Is Oliver Gay On American Housewife

No one is surprised that Oliver is gay

Oliver comes out as gay when a rumor spreads that he and Cooper are dating. Rather than denying it, Oliver decides to go with the rumor, hoping it’ll help his college application to seem more “diverse.” His ex-girlfriend and sister aren’t shocked when they hear Oliver might be gay. They had suspected it all along.

Is Oliver Gay On American Housewife?

Oliver Otto is straight, not gay. Early on, his parents think he might like guys. Why? They see Oliver and his friend Cooper practicing taking off bras on each other. Also his vision board has shirtless dude photos. But nope! Oliver tells them he wants that kind of body himself one day.

Later, Oliver goes to dance school. He says it’s to get into Harvard faster. In season three, he and Cooper get girlfriends. But both characters leave the show. One time, Oliver tries to stop Cooper from saying “I love you” to his girlfriend. Instead, they say it to each other in a bro way.

After Oliver talks to a closeted football player, word spreads he’s gay. But nah – Oliver Otto is straight. The show just makes it seem like he might be into dudes. He’s not though.

Is Oliver Gay On American Housewife
Is Oliver Gay On American Housewife

Oliver Sexuality Comes As No Surprise To Anyone

When people think Oliver and Cooper are dating, they go with it. They think it’ll help Oliver get into college as a “minority.” His ex-girlfriend and sister aren’t shocked either.

This makes it seem like the show’s characters have wondered about his sexuality too.

None of this proves Oliver is gay. But some fans think the show will confirm it since it comes up a lot.

“They’ve brought up his sexuality so much this season, they must be going somewhere with it,” one Reddit user said.

Some think Oliver could be bisexual instead of gay. He’s shown real interest in women at times. Like many teens, he may still be figuring himself out.

No matter what American Housewife does, most fans will likely support it. The show has succeeded in making people think about and discuss this question.

The key is – Oliver’s sexuality is still uncertain. The show keeps hinting at it, but hasn’t confirmed anything. Fans have different theories. But the conversation shows people care about LGBTQ representation.

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