Jalayah Eason Autopsy

6-year-old Jalayah Eason was found unconscious in her Bronx apartment with injuries all over her body. Her mother, Lynija Eason, called 911 and said she found her daughter cold and not breathing inside a closet. Jalayah was pronounced dead at the hospital, and her mother is now facing child endangerment charges. The autopsy report for Jalayah Eason has not been released, but everyone is eagerly awaiting the results. The autopsy will determine if Jalayah’s death was a homicide, and if so, Lynija Eason could face even more serious charges.

Jalayah Eason Autopsy
Jalayah Eason Autopsy

Jalayah Eason Autopsy

  • Overview of the case involving the 6-year-old girl, Jalayah Eason, found unconscious in her Bronx apartment.
  • Mention of injuries and the condition of the apartment at the time of the discovery.
  • The mother, Lydia Eason, called 911 and reported her daughter’s condition.
  • Eason was transferred to the hospital but was declared dead.
  1. The Ongoing Investigation:

  • Autopsy report yet to be released due to the ongoing investigation.
  • Anticipation surrounding the autopsy findings to determine if homicide charges should be filed.
  • Potential impact of the autopsy on the current charges against the mother.
  1. Charges Against the Mother:

  • Accusations of child endangerment and neglect for the other two children.
  • Waiting for the outcome of the potential murder charge.
  • Mother detained and facing legal consequences.
  1. Initial Police Response and Hospitalization:

  • Details of the emergency call made by Lynija Eason to the New York Police Department.
  • Prompt response from EMS and transfer of Jalayah to the hospital.
  • Pronouncement of Jalayah’s death at Lincoln Hospital.
  1. Mother’s Release with Conditions:

  • Information on the mother’s supervised release and ankle monitor.
  • Waiting for the outcome of the potential homicide accusation.
  • Updated information to follow after the release of autopsy findings.
  1. Social Media Reaction and Public Sentiment:

  • Widespread discussion on social media regarding the case.
  • Criticism directed at the mother in relation to her daughter’s passing.
  • Public sentiment and reactions surrounding the tragic incident.


  • Recap of the key points discussed in the article.
  • Emphasis on the importance of the autopsy findings in determining the course of the investigation.
  • Ongoing interest and public attention regarding the case of Jalayah Eason.

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