Jawan Day 9 Box Office Collection

Jawan Day 9 Box Office Collection: Folks were super hyped for Shahrukh Khan’s new movie Jawan when it first came out. But now after 9 days in theaters, the buzz seems to be dying down.

The film had a solid opening and earned ₹23.2 crore on its first Wednesday. However, the collections have dropped since then.

On its 9th day (Friday) at the box office, Jawan’s earnings weren’t as strong. The downward trend shows the initial excitement for SRK’s comeback film is fading.

While Jawan had a good start, it looks like the numbers are declining now as the release date gets further away. We’ll have to wait and see if the movie can maintain momentum or if the downfall in collections continues.

Jawan Day 9 Box Office Collection

The new Hindi action movie Jawan, starring Shah Rukh Khan, had a solid start at the box office.

On its first day, Jawan made a huge ₹75 crore – even beating out SRK’s other film Pathan.

Over the next few days, earnings stayed strong, with ₹53.23 crore on day 2 and ₹77.83 crore on day 3.

But collections have started dropping in the 9th day of release. After making ₹23 crore on day 7, Jawan is predicted to make around ₹19.50 crore on its 9th day in theaters.

So while Jawan had an awesome opening weekend, the box office numbers have gone down as the days pass. But the early earnings show SRK still has major star power!

Jawan Day 9 Box Office Collection
Jawan Day 9 Box Office Collection

Jawan Day 9 Advance Booking Sacnilk

The action thriller Jawan continues its strong run at the box office. On day 9, Shah Rukh Khan’s film is estimated to earn Rs 19.50 crore in India. This brings Jawan’s total domestic collection to around Rs 250 crore so far.

Globally, the film has grossed over Rs 387 crore worldwide in its first 9 days. This includes excellent earnings from overseas markets like North America, UK, Gulf, Australia and more.

While there is a minor decline in collections compared to earlier days, Jawan is still performing very well. With no major competition, the film is expected to enter the Rs 400 crore club soon. Shah Rukh’s star power and the visual spectacle has attracted audiences to theatres.

Overall, Jawan is a box office hit already despite mixed reviews. SRK proves his undisputed popularity once again.

Jawan Box Office Collection Day 9 Overview

Post Title Jawan Day 9 Box Office Collection
Category Entertainment
Film Jawan
Directed and Produced by Atlee and Gauri Khan
Jawan Day 9 Collection 19+ Crore (Expected)
Jawan Total Collection in India 400+ crore
Jawan Box Office Worldwide Collection 660+ Crore

Jawan Day 9 Advance Booking 

Shah Rukh Khan proves he is still the King of Bollywood! His upcoming action film Jawan has shattered records with its advance booking. In just 24 hours, the bookings have crossed an unbelievable Rs 1000 crore worldwide.

This is the highest ever advance collection for any Indian film. Not even biggies like KGF 2, Pathan or Baahubali have managed this feat before. Jawan has already sold a whopping 22 lakh tickets globally before its release.

Clearly, SRK’s star power and the hype around his comeback film Jawan has sparked immense audience buzz. The advance booking trends point to a potential record-breaking blockbuster in the making. Shah Rukh is set to make a smashing return to the big screen after 4 long years. His fans can’t wait to watch him in a never seen before avatar in Jawan.

Jawan Day 9 Prediction

After a strong opening week, Shah Rukh Khan’s Jawan continues its glorious run. Though collections have dropped on weekdays, the film is still posting impressive numbers daily.

Jawan’s total now stands at nearly Rs 380 crore in India and Rs 621 crore worldwide. It is very close to hitting the Rs 400 crore mark in India.

According to predictions, Jawan will see a big jump in earnings over the second weekend. With Shah Rukh’s star power, the film is expected to achieve record-breaking collections again.

There is no major competition for Jawan. With excellent word of mouth, the film will continue its winning streak.

SRK has proved yet again why he is called the King of Bollywood. After 4 years, his comeback film Jawan is entertaining audiences in theatres. Book your tickets, as this action extravaganza is not to be missed on the big screen!

Jawan Box Office Collection Day 9 Worldwide Collection 

Shah Rukh Khan’s comeback film Jawan continues to weave magic at the box office. After 8 days in India, Jawan’s domestic collections stand at an excellent Rs 387.78 crore.

Globally too, the film is faring well with its worldwide earnings crossing Rs 660 crore in 7 days. This includes stellar overseas performance.

Despite a minor decline in collections on weekdays, Jawan has already broken multiple records. SRK’s star power has attracted audiences to theatres.

However, the initial euphoria around the film is now settling down. Figures have dropped compared to the bumper opening weekend.

But Jawan’s overall run has exceeded expectations. With no competition, the film is expected to enter the Rs 400 crore club soon.

After 4 years away from the big screen, Shah Rukh Khan makes a smashing comeback with Jawan. Book your tickets and experience this action extravaganza in theatres now!

Jawan Movie Budget

Shah Rukh Khan’s big comeback film Jawan has a mega budget of Rs 300 crore. Bankrolled by his wife Gauri Khan, this action extravaganza is proving to be a blockbuster.

Jawan took a phenomenal opening of Rs 75 crore on its first day in India. Though the earnings dropped after the explosive weekend, the film has maintained strong collections.

On day 5, Jawan made Rs 32.92 crore. This was followed by Rs 26 crore on day 6 and Rs 23.30 crore on day 7.

Now early estimates show Jawan has earned about Rs 19.50 crore on day 8. This takes the total domestic collection so far to around Rs 380 crore.

With Shah Rukh’s star power and the visual spectacle, Jawan continues to pull big crowds. It is set to enter the coveted Rs 400 crore club very soon despite mixed reviews.

Jawan proves the King of Bollywood is back in his element. His fans are thrilled to see him in this never seen before action avatar!

Jawan Total Collection Worldwide 

Shah Rukh Khan has done it again! His latest film Jawan is set to cross the Rs 700 crore mark at the worldwide box office today. This action thriller has captured the imaginations of fans across the globe. With its gripping story, stunning visuals, and SRK’s magnetic performance, Jawan has become a worldwide phenomenon. Audiences can’t get enough of this entertainer. Its global earnings stand at the brink of Rs 700 crore after just a few weeks in theaters. This incredible achievement underscores SRK’s enduring star power and the universal appeal of a well-made Bollywood blockbuster. Jawan proves that a good film knows no borders when it comes to reaching people’s hearts.

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FAQs related to Jawan Day 9 Box Office Collection

How much has Jawan earned so far?

Shah Rukh Khan’s latest action thriller Jawan has earned over ₹660 crore at the worldwide box office. This high-octane entertainer is captivating global audiences.

Has Jawan crossed ₹500 crore?

Yes, Jawan has crossed the ₹500 crore milestone with ease. In fact, it has sailed past ₹600 crore globally thanks to its gripping story and SRK’s star power.

What are the major markets for Jawan?

While India remains the largest market, Jawan is also making waves overseas. Key international markets like North America, UK, Middle East have contributed hugely to its coffers.

Is Jawan a hit?

Absolutely! Jawan is a bonafide blockbuster. With earnings approaching ₹700 crore, it is one of the biggest hits of SRK’s career. Audiences globally have embraced this entertainer.

What is the appeal of Jawan?

Jawan has the perfect mix – SRK’s charisma, stunning visuals, pulsating music, and a story that keeps you hooked. This cocktail of entertainment and emotions has resulted in its universal appeal.

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