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Do you have knowledge of the autopsy of Elizabeth Pea and Jennifer Ertman? Two teenage girls from Houston, Texas, Jennifer Lee Ertman and Elizabeth Christine Pena, were both raped and died on June 24, 1993.

Following the girls’ killings, Texas newspapers were dominated by stories about the savagery of the crime and the new law that followed it, permitting the families of the victims to watch the criminals’ execution. Texas declined to allow the International Court of Justice to stop the executions of a few of the offenders.

Peña and Ertman

Jennifer Lee Ertman (born August 15, 1978) and Elizabeth Christine Pea (born June 21, 1977) were students at Waltrip High School who unfortunately passed away on the same day, June 24, 1993.

Pea’s father viewed Ertman, a shy girl who had only recently begun experimenting with makeup, as a “positive influence” on his daughter and recalled that, following a brief period of rebellion in his daughter’s life prior to her enrollment in 1992 at the University of California, Los Angeles, Pea “just straightened up her act.”

June 24, 1993

Ertman’s father Randy accompanied his only child to see her aunt Pea on June 24, 1993, at 4:15 p.m. Around eight o’clock that evening, Pea’s mother, Melissa Pea, drove her and her friend Gina Escamilla to Escamilla’s apartment at the Spring Hill Apartments, where Escamilla was hosting a pool party for her classmates. Pea told her mother that they would return by the girls’ 11:30 p.m. curfew as soon as they and their friend stepped out of the vehicle.

They both left the party when they realized they would be late because they had each made a promise to their parents that they wouldn’t stay out past a certain hour.

Ertman and Pea would travel ten minutes faster to Pea’s home in Oak Forest if they took the train tracks and avoided T.C. Jester Park. This location was about a mile from Pea’s home.

Jennifer Ertman and Elizabeth Pena’s Murder Details

Because he was confident the girls would be able to recognize them, Cantu gave the order to kill the females. The two young women were both strangled to death. Villarreal told Ertman to “Get on your knees, bitch!” echoing Cantu’s earlier instruction. Before they could flee, O’Brien and Villarreal—the only non-Hispanic Black members of the group—broke Ertman’s neck with O’Brien’s red nylon belt. They completed the task in front of Pea by strangling the girl with the shoelace.

Pea was compelled to witness Ertman’s murder while wearing a rope around her neck. Pea first gave her assailants her phone information so they could “get together” while she sobbed in an effort to pacify them. She then made an effort to evade him. When the girl reacted, Cantu tackled her and repeatedly kicked her in the face and stomach, fracturing many ribs and knocking out three teeth.

Cantu, José Medelln, and Pérez killed Pea by strangling him with shoelaces. The gang members trampled on both girls’ throats to ensure their deaths. Before leaving the crime scene, Cantu took a Goofy wristwatch off of Ertman’s body and handed it to Venancio Medelln, telling him, “Take this, I don’t want it.”

The homes of Cantu, his brother Joe, and Christina, Cantu’s sister-in-law, were where the trio of José Medelln, Pérez, and Villarreal were dumped off. Christina Cantu couldn’t understand why Pérez had a dirty shirt and Villarreal was bleeding. In light of this, Medelln said that everyone “had fun” and that further details would be released to the media. Then he described in detail how he had sexually assaulted both girls.

Later, Peter Cantu returned and shared the loot with the women. José Medelln bought a letter “E” ring with the intention of giving it to Esther, his beloved. According to Medelln, he killed a woman and wished he had a firearm to make the job easier. O’Brien may be observed grinning widely at the scene of the event. After the group had left, Christina Cantu urged Joe Cantu to call the police despite his initial reluctance.

Jennifer Ertman and Elizabeth Pena Case Details

here are some of the case details surrounding the murder of Jennifer Ertman and Elizabeth Pena:

  • Date: June 24, 1993
  • Location: T.C. Jester Park, Houston, Texas
  • Victims: Jennifer Ertman, 14, and Elizabeth Pena, 16
  • Suspects: Peter Cantu, Derrick Sean O’Brien, Efrain Perez, Venancio “Yuni” Medellin, and Raul Villareal
  • Charges: Capital murder
  • Trial: Cantu, O’Brien, Perez, and Medellin were all convicted of capital murder and sentenced to death. Villareal was convicted of aggravated sexual assault and sentenced to 40 years in prison.
  • Appeals: Cantu, O’Brien, Perez, and Medellin have all appealed their convictions. Their cases are currently pending.

The murders of Jennifer Ertman and Elizabeth Pena were a horrific crime that shocked the Houston community. The girls were brutally raped and strangled to death by a group of teenage boys. The case drew national attention and led to changes in the way that law enforcement investigates and prosecutes hate crimes.

The five suspects in the case were all members of a white supremacist gang called the Black and Whites. They had been drinking and smoking marijuana in the park when they saw Ertman and Pena walking home from a friend’s house. The boys attacked the girls and dragged them into the woods. They then raped and strangled them to death.

The bodies of Ertman and Pena were found the next morning by a park ranger. The investigation into their murders led to the arrests of the five suspects. They were all convicted of capital murder and sentenced to death.

The case of Jennifer Ertman and Elizabeth Pena is a reminder of the dangers of hate crimes. It is also a testament to the strength and resilience of the victims’ families. They have worked tirelessly to bring justice to their daughters and to prevent similar tragedies from happening in the future.

Jennifer Ertman and Elizabeth Pena Autopsy Video

You can watch the video for Jennifer Ertman and Elizabeth Peña autopsy below:

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