Joey Paras Dies

In a profound loss for the Philippine entertainment community, Joey Paras, a multifaceted artist celebrated for his roles in films, theater, and television, passed away at the age of 45 on October 29, 2023. His demise, confirmed by his grieving family, has deeply affected fans and colleagues, marking a significant moment of mourning in the Filipino arts scene.

1. The Artistic Journey of Joey Paras:

Joey Paras emerged as a distinguished figure in Filipino entertainment, notable for his captivating performances in “Last Supper Number 3” and “Bekikang: Ang Nanay Kong Beki.” His talent extended beyond acting to directing, playwriting, and mentorship, illuminating the path for aspiring artists. His award-winning role in the Cinemalaya Film Festival and various television series underscored his versatile acting prowess and commitment to his craft.

2. Battling Health Challenges:

Unbeknownst to many, Paras bravely battled a severe heart condition since 2020, which significantly impacted his life and work. Despite undergoing angioplasty and living with a CRT-D device, he faced recurring health issues. His struggle with this debilitating illness, however, did not diminish his passion for the arts or his desire to contribute meaningfully to the industry and mentor upcoming talents.

Kim Cabrillas shared the following message on Facebook:

To all of our family and friends, we are saddened to announce that our Tito Joey Paras, passed away and joined our Creator this afternoon, October 29, 2023 at 5:40pm. Unfortunately his heart wasn’t able to recover anymore.
Currently, his remains is still at the hospital’s morgue. We need to settle his hospital bills for us to take him home. Our family is knocking at your kind and generous heart to help us raise a fund to cover his hospital bills.
Kindly PM us immediate family for the bank details.
Funeral arragements will be announced further.

3. A Legacy Beyond the Screen:

Joey Paras’s influence transcended his on-screen roles. He was a mentor and advocate for the arts, notably founding Teatro Expedicion de Filipinas and The Powerhouse Ensemble. These initiatives reflected his commitment to nurturing young, underprivileged actors, ensuring his legacy would live on through the next generation of Filipino artists.

4. Community Support and Remembrance:

In his passing, the family of Joey Paras reached out to the community, seeking support to manage his hospital and funeral expenses. This call for assistance highlighted the often unseen struggles of artists and the close-knit nature of the entertainment community. Tributes from fans and fellow artists poured in, commemorating Paras’s substantial impact on the industry and the lives he touched.

5. Enduring Impact and Farewell:

As arrangements for his final journey are made, the loss of Joey Paras resonates deeply within the hearts of many. Remembered not just for his artistic talents but also for his resilience, kindness, and advocacy, Paras’s life story is a poignant reminder of the power of the arts to move, challenge, and transform. His passing is not only the end of a chapter in Filipino entertainment but also a call to acknowledge and celebrate the enduring spirit of an artist who, against all odds, continued to inspire and captivate.

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