Kamalika Chanda Web Series

Kamalika Chanda is a talented Bengali actress who was born on October 6, 1992 in Kolkata, India. She has become quite popular, especially for her roles in hit movies like “Miss Teacher” in 2016 and “My Darling” in 2021. Though still young in her career, Kamalika has proven herself to be a gifted performer capable of winning over audiences. With her lively on-screen presence and ability to breathe life into diverse characters, this rising star from the vibrant city of Kolkata will likely continue growing her fanbase for years to come.

A Peek into Her Personal Life

Kamalika Chanda keeps her personal life private, but we know she comes from a Hindu family in Kolkata. She has not revealed any relationship or other family details to the public – that part of her life remains a mystery. However, it’s Kamalika’s impressive acting career that has been in the spotlight recently. Though tight-lipped about her offscreen world, this talented star’s professional journey continues to soar. You can follow along with Kamalika’s latest projects and updates by checking out her Instagram page. Her focus remains on her craft, even as fans remain curious to learn more about the woman behind the roles.

Kamalika Chanda Web Series
Kamalika Chanda Web Series

Kamalika Chanda Favorites

When it comes to her personal tastes, Kamalika Chanda is a big fan of Salman Khan in Bollywood. She also loves the movie “Byomkesh Gotro.” As for food, it’s no surprise this Bengali beauty loves her native cuisine, especially the sweets! Black and red are her go-to colors, and if she could travel anywhere, Australia and London top her list. Though she keeps many personal details private, these little glimpses into Kamalika’s favorites give us a sense of who she is off-screen. Her admirers love learning these fun facts that make the talented actress seem more relatable. Whether she’s dining on Bengali food or catching a Salman Khan flick, fans enjoy picturing what Kamalika enjoys in her downtime.

Kamalika Chanda Career Highlights

Kamalika Chanda’s acting resume is impressive in both diversity and star power. She got her start alongside acclaimed talents like Paoli Dam and Parambrata Chatterjee in the 2012 film “Elar Char Adhyay.” Riya Sen co-starred with Kamalika in the 2015 movie “She.” Proving her versatility, Kamalika has also acted in several web series like “Rosgulla” (2019), “Red P.” (2019) and “Mastram” (2020). Throughout her career, she has worked with top names in Bengali and Indian entertainment. Kamalika continues to take on exciting new roles, branching out across film and streaming platforms. With her proven talent and willingness to try different genres, this actress’ future in the industry looks bright.

Kamalika Chanda Hot Photos:

Did You Know?

Here are some fun personal facts about Kamalika Chanda:

  • An avid reader, Kamalika has a book collection of over 500!
  • She’s a talented cook who enjoys hosting dinner parties for friends.
  • A huge animal lover, she volunteers at a local animal shelter in her free time.
  • Beyond acting, Kamalika stays busy as a blogger and Instagram influencer.

Though intensely private about her romantic life, Kamalika does give fans glimpses into her hobbies and passions. Her love of books, food, animals and writing show she’s more than just a talented actress. Kamalika is a multi-faceted woman with diverse interests, talents and causes close to her heart. These fun personal tidbits make her seem even more relatable to those who admire her work on-screen.

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Some FAQs:

Films: Kamalika has starred in movies like “Elar Char Adhyay” (2012), “She” (2015), and her breakout role in “Miss Teacher” (2016).

Web Series: She has been in hit web series such as “Rosgulla”, “Red P.”, “Mastram”, and “My Darling.”

Recent Projects: Some of Kamalika’s latest works include “Pathshala 2” (2022), “Sautele” (2022), “Ranjish” (2023), and the upcoming “Laal Batti” (2023).

In just over a decade, Kamalika has proven herself a versatile actress in both films and web content. From her beginnings in movies like “Elar Char Adhyay” to her recent roles in series like “My Darling”, she continues to impress fans and critics alike. At just 30 years old, Kamalika’s career is definitely one to keep an eye on as she takes on exciting new projects.

Below is a list of All the Web Series Kamalika Chanda Worked in:

Title Year Genre Stars/Main Cast
Mastram 2020– Comedy, Fantasy Anshuman Jha, Tara-Alisha Berry, Jagat Rawat…
Pathshala 2021– Drama Mahi Kaur, Sharanya Jit Kaur, Gaurav Singh…
Ghar Sasur 2023– Drama Ashraf Saifee, Bharti Jha, Kamalika Chanda…
Miss Teacher 2016 Romance Kamalika Chanda, Rahul Sharma, Resham Thakkar…
Yes Mam 2023– Romance Kamalika Chanda, Bharti Jha, Alendra Bill…
My Darling 2021 Drama Raknil Avro, Kamalika Chanda, Joydee Das…
Ilaaj 2023– Drama Kamalika Chanda, Malvika Tomar, Priya Roy
Damad Ji 2023– Romance Kamalika Chanda, Neha Gupta, Rani Pari…
Red Panty 2019– Drama Kamalika Chanda, Dipanita Debnath, Erixnil…
Rosgulla 2019– Drama Kamalika Chanda, Smita Bhowmick, Swaranjit…
Ranjish 2023– Romance Kamalika Chanda, Ekta More, Ashraf Saifee
Sautele 2022– Romance Kamalika Chanda, Soni Jha, Ekta More…
Happy Ending- Gupchup 2020 Drama Kamalika Chanda, Dolon Majumder
Mandrak the Magician 2020 (Video) Adult Kamalika Chanda, Tina Nandy
Good Luck 2023– Drama Ishika Bose, Priyanaka Chaurasiya, Kamalika…
Abhineteri Ka Nirman (Mastram) 2020 Comedy, Fantasy Anshuman Jha, Tara-Alisha Berry, Jagat Rawat…


Kamalika Chanda has made a name for herself as a prominent Indian actress and model, especially through her roles in Hindi web series. Though she has also acted in some B-grade films, it is her web series work that has brought Kamalika the most acclaim.

She first stepped into the spotlight in 2016 with the movie “Miss Teacher.” Since then, Kamalika has earned praise for her performances in hit shows like “Good Luck,” “My Darling,” and “Sautele.” Her standout role as Jaggi in “Ghar Sasur” particularly showcased her talents.

With her captivating online photos and growing resume, Kamalika has become a recognizable face in the web series world. To date, she has been involved in over 50 web series projects and continues to take on new, exciting roles. Though just in her late 20s, this rising actress has already built an impressive body of work across digital platforms. Her fans eagerly await what she’ll take on next.

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