Lauren Varnfield Obituary

Lauren Varnfield Obituary, Death: The Rialto Theatre is set to welcome back Roy Smiles’ captivating play, “Reno,” which vividly portrays the tumultuous final hours of Marilyn Monroe’s marriage to renowned playwright Arthur Miller. This engaging production is slated for a 5-night run during the Brighton Festival, promising an enthralling experience for theatergoers.

Interestingly, “Reno” holds the distinction of being the inaugural theatrical piece presented at the newly unveiled Rialto Theatre in Brighton. The theater’s doors had only recently swung open to the public, making this play a significant part of its early history. The world premiere of “Reno” took place just before the festive season of 2014, capturing the hearts of the audience.

The play unfolds within the confines of a stuffy hotel room in Reno, Nevada, over the course of a single night in 1960. This gripping tale is set against the backdrop of the production of “The Misfits,” a film penned by Miller for Monroe, and it ultimately marked Monroe’s final cinematic endeavor.

Mark Brailsford’s production made a remarkable impact on its opening night, earning praise from both the public and the press. The performance, featuring Robert Cohen as Miller and Lauren Varnfield as Monroe, was hailed by Catherine Eade of the Brighton Argus as “an intense, thought-provoking production.” Cohen’s portrayal of Miller’s exasperation and wit stood out, while Varnfield’s depiction of the fragile mental state of the tormented actress struck a chord.

In a somber turn of events, Brighton, along with the world, mourns the loss of Lauren Varnfield, who passed away on August 21, 2023, at the age of 40. Born in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, on December 15, 1982, Lauren was the cherished daughter of William “Billy” Fisk and Jane N. Borso Fisk. She was a beacon of devotion to her family and had an unwavering compassion for animals. As a loving mother, Lauren poured her heart and soul into raising her children, leaving an enduring legacy of love and care.

Beyond her role as a mother, Lauren dedicated herself to volunteering at an animal shelter in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Her boundless passion for animals drove her to provide abandoned and neglected creatures with the love they deserved. Her commitment inspired those around her and left a lasting impact on the community.

Lauren’s journey began at Notre Dame High School, where she graduated in 2001, leaving behind cherished memories and lasting friendships. Her warmth and generosity endeared her to many, and her radiant smile could illuminate the darkest of days.

Though Lauren’s time with us was tragically brief, her legacy of compassion and selflessness will forever endure in the hearts of her loved ones and the community. Brighton and the world are richer for having known her, and her memory will continue to kindle the spirit of kindness and service in us all. Lauren Varnfield, your absence will be deeply felt, but your influence will continue to inspire us.


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