Light Skin Keisha's Pregnancy

Lightskin Keisha is a social media influencer and musician from Atlanta. On September 4, 2023, which was her birthday, she shared news on Instagram that she is pregnant.

Lightskin Keisha’s real name is Samantha Deshaun. She posted photos with her fiancé Coca Vango where she is showing her baby bump.


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Coca and Keisha first publicly announced they were dating back in 2019. Then in January 2022, they got engaged.

So the Atlanta musician Lightskin Keisha, whose real name is Samantha, announced on her birthday she is pregnant with her fiancé Coca’s baby. She shared the happy news on Instagram.

Lightskin Keisha became famous on the internet in 2017 with her first song “Weather.” She is 28 years old.

After that, she released more songs like “Treadmill”, “Cash Sht“, and her newest one “Pop Sht Queen” in 2022.

Keisha acted in the TV show Power Book II: Ghost on Prime Video. She played the character Brushaundria Carmichael in all 14 episodes so far, including the current 3rd season.

She has also been on other reality shows like Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, Real Housewives of Atlanta, and Wild ‘N Out on VH1.

Keisha is very popular on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube where she posts music videos.

She started as an internet rapper in 2017 and now stars on TV shows and has millions of followers on social media platforms.

Lightskin Keisha and Coca Vango’s relationship explored


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At first, Lightskin Keisha and Coca Vango did not like each other. But after they made their relationship official, people on the internet supported them as a couple.

When Keisha announced she was pregnant, they got lots of congratulations messages.

However, there were rumors earlier that Vango had cheated on Keisha. This came from a June 2022 clip of their podcast.

Light Skin Keisha's Pregnancy
Light Skin Keisha’s Pregnancy

In the video, Coca Vango was talking about cheating on a partner. He said to Keisha:

So they had a rocky start but became a popular couple. There were cheating rumors about Vango before, but now they seem happy together expecting a baby.

“You not gon leave me if I cheat on you.”

In the podcast video, after Vango talked about cheating, Keisha got very upset. She called him stupid many times.

Keisha and Vango argued back and forth. Keisha said Vango was crazy.

She asked him if he would really cheat on her or if he had thought about it.

Vango replied to Keisha:

So when Vango brought up cheating, Keisha got angry and they had a heated argument. She challenged him on whether he would actually cheat on her or not.

“I don’t want to cheat on you, but you’re not leaving me if I cheat on you.”


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Vango said he had spent a lot of money on Keisha. But Keisha did not seem bothered by this comment.

She snapped back that if Vango ever cheated, she would pack up and leave him.

Later, Keisha asked Vango if he already had another partner. He just stared at her blankly before denying it.

Keisha said Vango’s earlier comments about cheating sounded like he was talking from experience.

So Vango implied he treats her well financially. But Keisha stood firm that she would break up with him if he cheated. She questioned if he already had another partner, which Vango denied.

The Shade Room shared the podcast clip on Instagram. Many people commented that Coca Vango seemed like a “red flag”.

Some felt Vango may have already cheated and was testing if Keisha would stay with him anyway.

Later, Vango went on Instagram Live to address it. He said their talk was just discussion, not serious.

Vango claimed he would never do anything disrespectful to Keisha.

So after the video came out, many criticized Vango and wondered if he had cheated. But Vango denied this and said he respects Keisha too much to do that.

“Lightskin” Keisha name controversy

Lightskin Keisha has been criticized for her stage name, with some saying “lightskin” is a colorist term.

But Keisha explained she is not a colorist – she told the real origin of her name.

The 28-year-old said she got it from watching a movie with DMX and Nas.

There was a character in it named “Kisha” that she was inspired by. Keisha just changed the spelling to Keisha.

She added “lightskin” because of her complexion. But she did not mean it in a negative, colorist way.

So the rapper says her name comes from a movie character, not colorism. She was inspired by the name Kisha and made it her own as Lightskin Keisha.

A woman named Keisha is going to have a baby. She made an Instagram post announcing that she is pregnant. In the post, Keisha said she is going to name her baby “Lightskin Keisha” after a character in a movie. The character in the movie had dark skin. Keisha said she is naming her baby “Lightskin” because her own skin is lighter than the character’s skin.

After Keisha shared the news, many people commented to say congratulations. The post did not give details about when the baby is due. But people are excited for Keisha and her coming baby.

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