Madeline Pantoja autopsy

The startling details of Madeline Pantoja’s tragic disappearance and death are revealed in the autopsy report.

The disappearance and apparent death of 20-year-old Madeline Pantoja has recently sent shockwaves through the neighborhood.

New information is emerging from the investigation that may help explain what led to her untimely death.

Let’s learn more about the circumstances behind Madeline Pantoja’s murder.

The start of a mystery

It all started on the evening of May 11 when Madeline Pantoja’s loved ones started to worry because they hadn’t heard from her since the day before.

After receiving word of her disappearance, the Midland Police Department began a 10-day search that ended in tragedy.

Jasmine Hernandez, a close friend of Pantoja’s, was supposed to hang out with her on the 11th, as stated in an affidavit.

They were supposed to go swimming at Pantoja’s apartment complex, but when Hernandez tried to contact Pantoja, he received no response.

When she saw light coming through a hole in the door of Pantoja’s flat, her worries multiplied.

Hernandez decided to look into the matter more, so he went back to the flat, but this time he found the lights out.

She contacted Pantoja’s brother for help after realizing the situation was out of the ordinary.

Together, they went to a building maintenance employee and asked for assistance breaking into Pantoja’s apartment.

A troubling scene unveiled

Hernandez and Pantoja’s brother entered the apartment and found a disturbing sight.

Pantoja’s dog, who had been left alone without food or water, was discovered inside the apartment, along with her phone, pocketbook, and keys.

A black coffee table was also missing from the flat, which was another cause for concern.

The removal of this detail raised many eyebrows among friends and family.

The puzzle was beginning to take shape, and it was beginning to take on a menacing appearance.

Madeline Pantoja autopsy
Madeline Pantoja autopsy

Tumultuous relationships & unanswered questions

Pantoja’s troubled romance with Mario Juan Chacon Jr., a 24-year-old male, was revealed during an investigation into her private life.

According to reports, the pair just broke up, and on May 10 things really started to heat up between them.

At 8:35 p.m., Chacon called Pantoja’s brother and begged him to start a three-way call with Pantoja because she wouldn’t respond to his attempts at communication during their fight.

Pantoja’s sibling, however, opted not to make the call.

Chacon allegedly showed a lack of concern for Pantoja’s well-being, even after friends and relatives asked for his help in locating her.

Chacon argued that his relatives could verify his assertion that he spent the day with his dad.

He said there were people who could attest to his whereabouts at home and that he couldn’t drive because of the medication he takes to control his temper.

A mysterious trail unfolds

Details from within Pantoja’s residence that were disturbing emerged as the search for the missing person continued.

Evidence of overuse of cleaning goods was found by investigators in the form of a dirty pail of water and a sticky floor.

In addition, they saw that Pantoja’s bedspread was missing and located a dark red mark on one of the sheets.

The damaged bedroom and bathroom doors, which still had hair clinging to them, further added to the mystery.

Neighbors’ testimonies were very helpful in piecing together the events of that night.

A woman testified that she heard a guy and a woman arguing loudly inside Pantoja’s flat.

She distinctly recalled a woman’s scream, even though she had unhappily grown accustomed to the frequent outbursts and disturbances coming from that apartment.

Unraveling the truth

Mario Juan Chacon Jr. became the main suspect in the inquiry.

Chacon was questioned by police on May 12 and said he spent the night at home.

Surveillance footage from local establishments, however, contradicted Chacon’s initial testimony by showing his Ford F-250 in the area between 12:26 and 3:37 a.m. on the night Pantoja disappeared.

Chacon’s phone records were retrieved on May 20 after further investigation led to the issuance of a warrant for such documents.

The missing person’s case was taken over by the Texas Rangers, who used Chacon’s cell phone’s geolocation data to create a timeline of his movements around the time of Pantoja’s disappearance.

They looked mostly in the region between E County Road 190 and S County Road 1138 and located Pantoja’s body there.

Tragically, she was discovered wearing only the jewelry she had on when she was discovered within her apartment’s missing coffee table.

What did Madeline Pantoja autopsy report reveal?

The body of Madeline Pantoja has been sent to Dallas for an autopsy, the findings of which will shed light on the circumstances surrounding her death.

With the release of the Madeline Pantoja Autopsy Report, family members may finally get some closure.

Mario Juan Chacon Jr. was arrested on May 20 and charged with murder; he is still in detention there on a $3,000,000 bond.

The Midland Police Department stated that after discovering Madeline Pantoja’s body, they had arrested 24-year-old Mario Juan Chacon on suspicion of first-degree murder.

An autopsy will be performed soon in Dallas County to identify the precise cause of her death.

The autopsy report for Madeline Pantoja is a crucial piece of evidence in the ongoing inquiry.

The investigation into Madeline Pantoja’s death continues, according to the Midland Police Department.

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