Madeline Pantoja Autopsy

Madeline Pantoja, a 20-year-old woman who was found dead in a field after a 10-day search, has undergone an autopsy. The results of the autopsy have not yet been released, but police say they believe Pantoja was murdered. Her ex-boyfriend, Mario Juan Chacon Jr., has been charged with her murder.

Madeline Pantoja Autopsy

  • 20-year-old Madeline Pantoja was reported missing, leading to a 10-day search.
  • Mario Juan Chacon Jr., 24, was arrested in connection with her disappearance and subsequent death.

The Initial Alert and Investigation

  • Friends and family contacted the police when they hadn’t heard from Pantoja since the previous day.
  • Friend Jasmine Hernandez went to check on Pantoja but found no response.
  • Hernandez noticed Pantoja’s phone, purse, keys, and dog left inside the apartment.
  • A missing piece of furniture, a black coffee table, was also observed.
Madeline Pantoja Autopsy
Madeline Pantoja Autopsy

Relationship between Pantoja and Chacon

  • Pantoja and Chacon had been dating but recently broke up.
  • Arguments between the couple occurred on May 10.
  • Chacon called Pantoja’s brother seeking contact with her, but she sounded upset and did not respond to texts.

Chacon’s Response and Suspicious Findings

  • Friends and family contacted Chacon, who appeared unconcerned and mentioned having witnesses to verify his alibi.
  • Officers investigating Pantoja’s apartment found a dirty bucket of water, a sticky floor, and a missing bedspread.
  • A dark red stain was discovered on a bedsheet, and damaged doors with attached hair were also found.

Witness Testimony and Chacon’s Statements

  • A neighbor reported hearing arguments and a woman screaming from inside Pantoja’s apartment.
  • Chacon initially claimed to have been home all night but later admitted driving to Pantoja’s apartment complex.
  • Surveillance cameras placed Chacon’s vehicle in the area during the timeframe Pantoja went missing.

Polygraph Test Refusal and Phone Records

  • Chacon was asked to take a polygraph test but declined.
  • Investigators obtained Chacon’s phone records, which showed his presence in a one-mile area where Pantoja’s remains were discovered.

Discovery of Pantoja’s Remains and Arrest

  • Texas Rangers located Pantoja’s remains in the area searched based on Chacon’s phone records.
  • Her identity was confirmed by her jewelry found with the remains.
  • Pantoja’s body was taken to Dallas for an autopsy.
  • Chacon was charged with murder and remained in custody on $3,000,000 bond.

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