Maisie Smith's Bikini

EastEnders and Strictly Come Dancing Star Mesmerizes Fans with Bikini Snaps from Romantic Getaway

Maisie Smith, the multi-talented star of both BBC’s EastEnders and Strictly Come Dancing, has captivated her followers with picturesque glimpses from her vacation alongside Max George. Basking under the foreign sun, Maisie confidently posed in a bikini, leaving fans awestruck.

Accompanied by a playful caption reading, “Oh what a lovely pair” followed by a palm tree emoji, Maisie shared a duo of snapshots. The first portrayed her alongside a piece of fruit, while the second depicted an affectionate moment as she shared a kiss with Max George. A fan, identified as Jay, expressed their affection with a simple yet heartfelt “Love you two.”

Sam echoed the sentiment, stating, “This lovely couple radiates a heartwarming connection that’s a beautiful reminder of the power of love and togetherness.” Jag simply described them as a “lovely couple.” Bashy playfully chimed in, noting Max’s prowess on MasterChef and praising his culinary skills.

Meanwhile, a Harp encouraged Max to channel his MasterChef talents: “Make sure he puts them Master Chef skills to use. No excuses now.” Kelly couldn’t help but find the display adorable: “So cute.” Clary saw mermaid vibes in the pictures, while Iris lauded Maisie’s beauty.

With approval resonating, Lou exclaimed, “Beautiful couple,” and Zoe added her appreciation, calling them a “Beauty.” Fergie shared her admiration, deeming the pair a “beautiful couple!!!” Zainab expressed her admiration with a simple “Lovely beautiful.”

Even with the outpouring of affection, Hayden lightened the mood with a witty comment: “He should be in the kitchen.” Lewis playfully corrected the interpretation of the fruit, noting, “Pear? That’s a coconut girlll.” Meanwhile, Dancing Unicorn conveyed the fans’ collective sentiment with a “You two” accompanied by a heart-eyed emoji.

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