McGraw ave season 2 release date

McGraw ave season 2 release date: EPIC NIGHT ON OCTOBER 8TH PREMIERING

McGraw Ave, an intense action drama series created by Derek Scott, offers a gripping look at crime and corruption in Detroit. Premiering on Tubi TV in May 2020, the show centers around two characters, Murda and Vic, as they attempt to survive and seize control amid the city’s violence.

In its six 60-minute episodes, McGraw Ave pulls viewers into the stark realities of Detroit’s streets, where cops seek to clean up pervasive murder and drug trades. With barely a dull moment, the series aims to hook audiences with its gritty portrayals of urban crime.

The show has garnered a positive response from viewers who appreciate its relatively realistic take on the criminal underworld. Fans have called for more episodes to further explore these storylines.

While the first season of McGraw Ave provides a compelling introduction, many are left wanting more and hope the creators will bring the series back for Season 2. For now, the show stands as a gripping, eye-opening look at the line between crime and justice in Detroit’s roughest neighborhoods.

Mcgraw Ave Season 2 Release Date

Name Of The Show Mcgraw Ave
Season Number Season 2
Genre Action
Mcgraw Ave Season 1 Release Date 31 May 2020
Mcgraw Ave Season 2 Release Date OCTOBER 8TH, 2023

Mcgraw Ave Season 1 Story

McGraw Ave dives deep into the violent drug world of Detroit, deemed America’s murder capital. The gritty drama opens with two men catching up, when a cocaine supplier arrives to provide the illegal drugs. After taking the product but refusing payment, they force him to flee at gunpoint.

In another scene, two characters, Dabo and Vic, are ambushed in Dabo’s home. The attackers open fire, killing Dabo’s girlfriend Mellany. Her murder case goes to forensics while the police start investigating to find the perpetrators, warned that more bodies may turn up if the killers aren’t caught quickly.

It’s revealed that Mellany was the niece of a ruthless drug lord named Bolo, who tortures Vic to learn who murdered her. When Vic names the culprit, Bolo executes him in cold blood. The police go undercover to find the suspects, locating drugs but unable to catch the escaped killers.

With the police determined to hunt down all drug smugglers in the city, the wanted criminals go into hiding. But constant threats leave few safe places. Murda refuses to abandon Luger, a top target, though anyone near Luger risks violence from both police and vengeful gangsters.

The thrilling cat-and-mouse drama of McGraw Ave highlights the perpetual brutality of Detroit’s streets, where dealers wield power through murder and corruption.

Mcgraw Ave Season 2 Story

Unfortunately, with no official updates about a potential McGraw Ave Season 2 release date yet revealed, it’s impossible to confirm concrete details about what a second season might entail.

Mcgraw Ave Season 2 Cast

The makers of the series have not revealed the cast members yet, but we can expect that season 2 will follow the same casts from season 1 followed by some new cast members if any are added. Season 1 cast includes Murda Pain, Sylena Rai, Thomas L. Harris, Chamar Avery, Sino Harris, Forty Da Great, and Nino Splashaholic.

Where To Watch Mcgraw Ave Season 2?

Season 2 of McGraw Ave has 6 episodes that are available to stream on Tubi and for Rent or Purchase on 1 Service.


The show has a rating of 7.7 stars out of 10 on IMDb.

mcgraw ave season 2 Ratings
mcgraw ave season 2 Ratings

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Get ready for the much awaited comeback of “McGraw Ave” as it enters its second season. Given the urban setting of Detroit, it is reasonable for viewers to anticipate a substantial degree of dramatic intensity, action sequences, and unexpected plot developments within the series.

While the precise date of release remains undisclosed, enthusiasts may anticipate an immersive encounter that delves into the clandestine realm of criminality and corruption. Please remain vigilant for the highly impactful culmination of this enthralling narrative.

Frequently asked questions

Will there be a Season 2 of Mcgraw Ave?

As of now, there hasn’t been confirmation for Season 2.

Has Mcgraw Ave been renewed for a second season?

No, there hasn’t been a renewal for a second season at this time.

When is the release date for Mcgraw Ave Season 2?

The release date for Season 2 of Mcgraw Ave has not been announced yet.

Is Mcgraw Ave categorized as an action show?

Indeed, Mcgraw Ave is classified as an action show.

Where can I watch Mcgraw Ave?

You can enjoy Mcgraw Ave on Amazon Prime Video.

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