Nastia Liukin Weight gain or loss

Olympic medalist Nastia Liukin faces scrutiny over weight fluctuations

Nastia Liukin Current Weight 52 kg or 115 pounds.

Nastia Liukin, a former Olympic gymnast, has faced intense public scrutiny regarding her changing physique and weight fluctuations throughout her career.

Liukin, a Russian-American athlete, impressed many by winning 5 medals at the 2008 Beijing Games, including gold in the prestigious all-around event.

After retiring from competition in 2012, she remained involved as a coach and gymnastics advocate while also launching a lifestyle brand and becoming an influencer.

Garnering much fame and a massive following, Liukin has nonetheless dealt with body-shaming on both ends – criticized for weight gain after her retirement, then for being too thin while returning to intensive training.

As with many high-profile women, Liukin’s physique has faced relentless public examination. Despite her impressive achievements, she has not been immune to unfair judgment and commentary on her body’s fluctuations over time.

Nastia Liukin Weight gain or loss
Nastia Liukin Weight gain or loss

Nastia Liukin Weight Gain And Weight Loss

Nastia Liukin faces unrelenting body-shaming for weight fluctuations

Former Olympic gymnast Nastia Liukin has endured extensive body-shaming and scrutiny over her changing weight and physique throughout and after her career.

Liukin reportedly gained around 25 kilograms after retiring and halting her intense training regimen. In a 2018 interview, she revealed people called her “fat” and reacted with shock to her natural body changes, criticizing her as “too heavy.”

This led to a crisis of lost confidence and avoidance of public appearances, as Liukin felt insecure and unsure how to dress. She stated: “I did not feel safe in my own skin.”

Eventually realizing her physique would never match her peak athletic shape, Liukin stopped pressuring herself and focused on healthy weight loss. However, she then faced accusations of being “too thin.”

On Instagram, people told her: “When are you going to start eating again?” Liukin responded: “You’re always shamed no matter what. It always hurts.”

Despite being an elite Olympic medalist, Liukin still battles body image issues and faces endless criticism over her weight and physique. The scrutiny and shaming have continued relentlessly regardless of her shape or size.

Nastia Liukin 2023 Health Update

Nastia Liukin deserves respect for her gymnastics achievements, not scrutiny over her body

Former Olympic gymnast Nastia Liukin is leading a healthy life and does not have any medical issues, despite recent concern from some followers over her weight fluctuations.

While Liukin’s changing physique has raised worries that she may suffer from an eating disorder, her supporters can rest assured she is doing well physically and mentally.

The focus should remain on Liukin’s remarkable skills and artistry, not her appearance. She is one of the most decorated American gymnasts ever, with 5 Olympic medals, 9 World Championship medals and 4 national titles.

Regardless of her weight or looks, Liukin is an accomplished athlete who made an enormous impact in the sports world. She deserves respect and admiration for her achievements and contributions to gymnastics, not scrutiny over her body.

Let us appreciate this talented gymnast for her abilities, not judge her for superficial concerns over weight and physique that say nothing about her health or value. Nastia Liukin has earned renowned through her skill and drive.

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