Nimona 2 Release Date

Nimona is an American animated movie based on the 2015 graphic novel by ND Stevenson.

The screenplay was written by Robert L. Baird and Lloyd Taylor. It was directed by Nick Bruno and Troy Quane.

Nimona stars Chloe Grace Moretz as the title character. Riz Ahmed plays her sidekick, a former knight. Eugene Lee Yang and Frances Conroy also provide voices.

The movie is set in a science fantasy world with medieval influences. It’s an adventure comedy aimed at families.

Moretz brings the rule-breaking shapeshifter Nimona to life. Ahmed is her companion who used to be a heroic knight. Together, they go on a fun and wild journey.

With creative animation and a stellar voice cast, Nimona promises laughs and excitement for viewers of all ages. Catch it when it releases in theaters soon!

Nimona 2 Release Date
Nimona 2 Release Date

Will Nimona 2 be Released?

Nimona 2 is not officially planned yet. It all depends on if the author ND Stevenson and the filmmakers want to make a sequel. Netflix would also have to decide if the first Nimona movie is successful enough to warrant a part two.

In general, Netflix announces sequels within a few months of a movie’s premiere. But it’s harder with animated films.

If Nimona 2 gets approved by late 2023, it could come to Netflix by the end of 2025. Aside from getting Netflix’s green light, Stevenson and the directors would need time to develop a new story.

The animation team would also need time to bring that fresh plot to life. So if a Nimona sequel happens, fans will likely have to wait a while.

Nothing is guaranteed yet. But if the first movie does well, there’s hope for Nimona and her sidekick to embark on more adventures in a follow-up down the road!

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Who Can Be Seen in Nimona 2 as an Artist?

If there is a Nimona 2, we can expect some familiar faces to return.

Chloe Grace Moretz would likely reprise her role as the shapeshifting heroine Nimona. Riz Ahmed would also probably come back as Ballister Blackheart, Nimona’s ally. Eugene Lee Yang could return as Ambrosius Goldenloin too.

Of course, characters who died in the first movie wouldn’t come back. But we’d meet new characters to replace ones like The Director and Queen Valerin.

A sequel might also introduce book characters who weren’t in the original film. For example, Dr. Meredith Blitzmeyer created a tool to limit Nimona’s powers. She could play a role in the next installment.

The medieval-modern world would be further explored with new threats and adventures. While the exact plot is unknown, a Nimona follow-up would expand on the relationships and lore.

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