Norman Fetterley death

Norman Fetterley die : With deep sadness, we announce the passing of esteemed Canadian journalist Norman Fetterley on November 23, 2023, at the age of 74. The details surrounding his departure have not been publicly disclosed.

Who was Norman Fetterley

Norman Fetterley, an influential Canadian journalist whose journey in the field began way back in 1967 when he started as a young voice on CJRN radio in Niagara Falls. Transitioning to television in Thunder Bay in 1972 marked a significant step in his career.

As Fetterley evolved, so did his impact. Serving as a parliamentary correspondent for CJOH and CTV News, he delved into the terms of various Canadian prime ministers, from Pierre Elliott Trudeau to Jean Chretien. His knack for storytelling and a distinct writing style shone through in the popular segment “Gallery Talk,” where he, along with fellow correspondents, dissected the week’s political events.

What set Fetterley apart were his scripts, infused with a unique flair and sprinkled with references to historical figures like Diefenbaker, Churchill, Shakespeare, and occasionally even Elvis Presley. His encyclopedic knowledge of Parliament, Canadian history, and the monarchy elevated him to a respected position in the newsroom. Norman Fetterley bid farewell to CTV News Ottawa in June 2013 after an illustrious 45-year career, leaving behind a profound legacy in Canadian journalism.

What Happened with Norman Fetterley

It is with great sorrow that we share the news of the passing of long-time CTV journalist Norman Fetterley, who left us on November 23, 2023, at the age of 74. The specific circumstances surrounding his passing have not been disclosed to the public as of now. Norman’s journey in journalism began in 1967 on the radio, and he later transitioned to television in Thunder Bay. Throughout his illustrious career, he served as a parliamentary correspondent for CJOH and CTV News, providing insightful coverage of several Canadian prime ministers over the years.

Norman Fetterley was not just a journalist; he was a wordsmith with a unique and poetic reporting style. Colleagues held him in high esteem, appreciating his brilliance as both a writer and storyteller. After dedicating more than 45 years to the field, he retired from CTV News Ottawa in June 2013. As the news of Norman Fetterley’s departure spread, many felt the weight of losing such a respected journalist. His profound knowledge of Parliament, Canadian history, and the monarchy made invaluable contributions to Canadian journalism.

The sudden departure of Norman Fetterley has created a void in the industry, and his family is currently taking the time they need to heal. Details about his obituary and funeral arrangements will be shared at a later date, respecting the family’s need for space and privacy during this grieving period. Norman Fetterley is not only remembered for his journalistic accomplishments but also for the lasting impact he had as a mentor and cherished figure among his colleagues and friends.


Norman Fetterley gracefully said goodbye to his journey with CTV News Ottawa in June 2013, wrapping up an incredible 45-year chapter of unwavering dedication. His retirement marked the end of a noteworthy era, where he had garnered immense respect and trust in the vast landscape of Canadian journalism. Fetterley’s deep knowledge of Parliament, Canadian history, and the monarchy made him an indispensable asset to the industry.

Final verdicts

Norman Fetterley, a revered Canadian journalist, passed away on November 23, 2023, leaving a profound void in the industry. His illustrious career, spanning over 45 years, showcased his expertise as a parliamentary correspondent and storyteller. Fetterley’s poetic reporting style, enriched with historical references, set him apart. His retirement in 2013 marked the end of an era, leaving behind a legacy of trust and respect in Canadian journalism. The circumstances of his passing remain undisclosed, respecting the family’s privacy. Fetterley’s impact as a mentor and cherished colleague is remembered fondly, cementing his lasting influence on the journalistic community.

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