Pavilion Mall Shooting

Pavilion Mall Shooting: It’s really sad news to share. A police officer lost his life when a bunch of robbers hit two jewelry stores at the Pavilion shopping center in KwaZulu-Natal.

The incident happened at the Westville mall, just near Durban, on a Sunday. The gunmen barged into the stores, causing chaos and leaving not only one policeman dead but also injuring others, including a pregnant woman.

The emergency response team, ALS Paramedics, got there around 6:45 pm to deal with the aftermath of the shooting. It’s a heartbreaking situation for everyone involved.

On a regular Sunday morning at Pavilion Shopping Center in Westville, something really scary happened. Five guys barged into the mall, dead set on robbing the jewelry stores. Things got out of hand real quick, turning into a gunfight between these robbers and the cops on the scene.

Here’s what went down:

Later in the evening, Garrith Jamieson, the spokesperson for ALS Paramedics, spilled the beans on how their team jumped into action when they got a call about the shooting at the mall, just before 6 p.m. When they got there, it was like a crazy movie – two active crime scenes!

First off, there was a mess outside the mall at the traffic lights. A cop got shot there. They rushed him to the hospital, but, sadly, he didn’t make it.

Then, inside the mall, things were chaotic. Paramedics had their hands full taking care of two ladies who got roughed up during the robbery, and get this – one of them was pregnant! The paramedics did their thing, patching them up right there and then making sure they were stable before rushing them off to the hospital for more help.

Props to the ALS paramedics for being on the ball and dealing with this crazy situation. It just goes to show how important these emergency services are when things hit the fan. They’re the real heroes making sure folks in tough spots get the help they need.

ALS Paramedics have informed us that the N3 Durban bound is currently shut down due to an incident. They anticipate that the closure will persist for some time. To all drivers out there, it’s strongly recommended to find alternative routes and steer clear of this one.

Sindi KaNgidi Msimang, the spokesperson for the Road Traffic Inspectorate (RTI), shared that they are uncertain about when the road will reopen. The situation is considered an active crime scene, making it challenging to determine a specific timeframe.

Currently, only the fast lane is operational, and the other lanes are closed, causing traffic to move at a sluggish pace. Motorists will be updated as soon as the road becomes accessible again. Stay tuned for further advisories.

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