Selena Gomez Relationship Status

Gomez has been single for years, last publicly dating Justin Bieber in 2018. On TikTok, she has poked fun at her single status over the summer.

Selena Gomez‘s love life has always fascinated fans. Since her epic romance with Justin Bieber, rumors have flown about who the star is dating.

Her recent breakup song “Single Soon” has everyone wondering – does Selena have a new boyfriend?

The answer seems to be no! Despite being linked to stars like Zayn Malik and The Bear‘s Jeremy Allen White, Gomez appears happily single.

While her songs allude to heartbreak, Selena isn’t rushing into romance. For now, her focus seems to be on music and acting projects like Only Murders in the Building.

Of course, this could always change tomorrow! But for today, Gomez seems content flying solo.

No matter her relationship status, Selena continues inspiring fans with her talent, style, and honesty. We can’t wait to see what she shares through her art next!

Selena Gomez Relationship Status
Selena Gomez Relationship Status


Selena Gomez is currently single.

The pop star has not publicly confirmed she is dating anyone. However, she recently released a new song called “Single Soon” that hints she may want to end a relationship and be single again.

The lyrics to “Single Soon” talk about wanting to break up with someone in order to be free and solo once more. Selena has not explained the meaning behind the song, but some fans think it could be a response to all the rumors about who she is dating.

There has been speculation that the song references her ex Justin Bieber. On August 22, Selena posted a TikTok video teasing the new single using a clip of Kim Cattrall’s character on Sex and the City talking about telling her wife it’s over. Fans thought this could be aimed at Justin and his wife Hailey Bieber. But it seems it was just promotion for the upcoming song release.

Before this, there were rumors Selena was dating British DJ Fred Again after they had dinner together in Hollywood on August 3. Selena also posted a selfie with Fred on Instagram. Some fans thought they could be dating, but their meet-up may have been music-related instead.

In June, rumors spread that Selena was seeing Jeremy Allen White after he split from his wife. A gossip account claimed they met during a Vanity Fair photoshoot and had been in touch since Selena returned from filming abroad.

However, neither Selena nor Jeremy have confirmed they are dating. Selena made a TikTok video implying she wanted to hear more about the rumors. Jeremy was also seen kissing model Ashley Moore in early August.

Earlier in the year, Selena was linked to Zayn Malik after they had dinner together in New York City. But it seems they are not still dating, since Selena has unfollowed Zayn and his ex Gigi on social media.


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On TikTok in March, Selena seemed to deny rumors by lipsyncing that her crush doesn’t even exist. Over July 4th weekend, a photo of Selena with Haim was posted by the band with the caption “single summer.”

So in summary – Selena appears to be single currently. She has not confirmed any recent dating rumors. Until she says otherwise, it’s safest to assume the pop star is still looking for love.


Selena Gomez’s relationship with Zayn Malik caused a stir earlier this year.

In March, Selena and Zayn were seen having dinner together in New York City. An eyewitness told Entertainment Tonight the pair were even “holding hands and kissing”. This source said it clearly seemed like a romantic date.

The potential coupling fueled speculation, especially since Zayn shares a daughter with his ex, model Gigi Hadid. But Gigi reportedly told Us Weekly she would be fine if Zayn and Selena dated.

However, Selena and Zayn have not been spotted together since their dinner date. And fans noticed Selena unfollowed both Zayn and Gigi on social media. So it seems whatever may have happened between the two music stars was short-lived. Their dinner sparked relationship rumors that ultimately faded quickly.


Selena Gomez’s relationship status has been a puzzle so far in 2023.

In January, US Weekly reported Selena was seeing Drew Taggart of The Chainsmokers. A source said they were going on cute dates like bowling and movies. This insider claimed Selena was “very affectionate” with Drew and “could hardly keep her hands off him.”

But soon after, Selena seemed to deny the romance rumors. She posted an Instagram story with a photo saying “I like being alone too much,” plus the hashtag #iamsingle.

However, just days later, Selena and Drew were photographed holding hands in New York City by TMZ.

Then in March, Selena posted a TikTok video appearing to confirm she’s single. She lipsynced “my crush doesn’t even exist.”

So it’s unclear if Selena and Drew were ever really dating, or if they were just casual and have since cooled off.

The pop star’s love life remains a mystery. She seems to be keeping fans guessing whether she’s found romance or is happily solo. We hope Selena is content either way!


Selena Gomez was linked to another potential suitor late last year.

In November 2022, fans noticed Selena and Brad Peltz, the 33-year-old brother of Nicola Peltz, together in one of Nicola’s TikTok videos. This sparked speculation that Selena and Brad might be dating.

However, the viral celeb gossip account Deuxmoi seemed to shut down the rumors. Deuxmoi posted on Instagram that they heard from someone who knows Brad that “he and Selena are not together.”

This source said Brad “wouldn’t be Selena’s type,” so they were likely just hanging out platonically. While unconfirmed, Deuxmoi presented a “convincing argument” against the dating speculation.

So it appears Selena and Brad Peltz were simply friends briefly seen in the same TikTok video. The romance rumors surrounding these two stars seem to be just that – rumors.



Selena Gomez sparked more dating buzz in summer 2022.

In August, Selena was photographed in Italy with producer Andrea Lervolino while celebrating her 30th birthday. This led to speculation they could be a new couple.

However, Entertainment Tonight reported Selena was “single” at the time. A source told them:

“Selena isn’t dating anyone specific right now. She is more open to love, but she is also very focused on herself and her work.”

The insider added Selena was in a “very healthy place mentally, physically and emotionally.”

So while she enjoyed Andrea’s company in Italy, it seems it wasn’t romantic.

Selena has had other high-profile relationships in the past as well. But for now, she seems content being single while prioritizing her personal growth and career goals.


Selena Gomez was linked to another famous star back in 2021 – Chris Evans.

The dating rumors started when Chris posted an Instagram video. Some fans thought they spotted Selena in the background. This led many to speculate Chris and Selena could be a new couple.

However, the connection seemed more like wishful thinking from fans. Neither Chris nor Selena ever confirmed they were dating.

The Avengers actor has since made it clear he is in a serious relationship with Alba Baptista. He and Selena were likely just friends, if anything.

So while some hoped to see Selena and Chris together, it does not seem a romance actually happened between the two celebrities. Their rumored relationship ultimately appeared to be merely rumors and nothing more.


Selena Gomez had a high-profile relationship with singer The Weeknd in 2017.

The two dated for 10 months after Selena’s long-term romance with Justin Bieber ended.

Selena and The Weeknd went Instagram official in January 2017. Then they made their official debut as a couple on the red carpet in May.

However, by October 2017 they had broken up, though a source told People magazine they were “still in touch.”

Rumors say Selena may have briefly gotten back together with ex Justin Bieber after her split from The Weeknd.

Meanwhile, The Weeknd rekindled his own romance with model Bella Hadid before they split again in 2019.

So Selena and The Weeknd’s celebrity relationship was short-lived. But for a time in 2017, they were one of Hollywood’s most-watched new couples.


In 2016, Selena Gomez was briefly linked to singer Charlie Puth.

The two had recorded the hit duet “We Don’t Talk Anymore” together. This musical collaboration sparked a short-lived romance.

In a 2018 interview with Billboard, Charlie Puth confirmed they briefly dated, though he said the relationship was “very short-lived” and “small.”

However, Puth admitted it still messed him up emotionally. He explained: “I wasn’t the only person on her mind. And I think I knew that going in—what I was getting myself into.”

So while details are unclear, Charlie acknowledged he and Selena had a brief but impactful romantic relationship after working together. Their duet may have brought them close, but the romance itself was fleeting.


In 2015, Selena Gomez dated DJ Zedd for a few months.

They confirmed their relationship publicly at the time. However, in 2017 Zedd told Billboard dating Selena changed his life.

He said: “I kind of knew what I was getting myself into. She is one of the most talked about people in the world.” But he admitted he “had no idea how much that would change my life.”

Zedd revealed “people were hacking my friends’ phones” and he was “pissed.” So while short-lived, their romance brought lots of attention.

Prior to Zedd, Selena reportedly went on dates with One Direction’s Niall Horan in 2015. Rumors linked them again in 2019, though Niall confirmed he was “single.”

So Selena has been romantically tied to quite a few fellow musicians over the years. But most relationships so far have proven short-lived for the star.


Selena Gomez’s most famous relationship was with Justin Bieber.

Dubbed “Jelena” by fans, Selena and Justin dated on and off for years. Their romance was tumultuous but iconic.

Many songs are rumored to be about each other. Justin’s hit “Sorry” and Selena’s “Lose You To Love Me” are considered breakup anthems related to their relationship struggles.

“Jelena” was a huge pop culture moment. Selena and Justin’s love story enthralled fans despite its ups and downs. Their music appears to chronicle the rollercoaster ride of young love.

While it ultimately didn’t last, Selena and Justin’s romance remains one of the most memorable celebrity pairings of the decade. Their connection spawned endless tabloid headlines and fan theories during its run.

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Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber were one of the most famous young couples of the 2010s.

Their on-again, off-again romance lasted about four years, from 2011 to 2015. Selena was 19 and Justin just 17 when they first got together.

By many accounts, they were each other’s first loves. There were also rumors they reconnected briefly in 2017 before Justin married Hailey Bieber.

Their breakup inspired emotional songs, like Justin’s hit “Sorry.” In her new documentary My Mind & Me, Selena called their split the “best thing that ever happened to her.”

She said: “I had to go through the worst heartbreak ever and then just forget everything. But that needed to happen.”

Before Justin, Selena briefly dated Nick Jonas and Twilight’s Taylor Lautner.

You can hear Selena discuss her past relationships in her intimate new documentary film My Mind & Me, now streaming on Apple TV+.

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