Teen Sensation Coco Gauff

Teen Sensation Coco Gauff: Coco Gauff needs no introduction at this point, but we’ll give her one anyway because she’s just so iconic. The pro athlete first got interested in tennis as a kid after watching Serena Williams win the 2009 Australian Open. Coco started playing tennis at the young age of six while I was picking scabs (lol), and moved to Delray Beach, Florida with her parents to train under coach Gerardo Loglo, according to Celebrity Net Worth. In a true full circle moment, Coco began training at the Mouratoglou Academy in France at age ten under Patrick Mouratoglou, who was also Serena’s longtime coach.

Coco was the youngest winner ever of the USTA Clay Court National 12-and-under tournament when she took the title at just ten years old. After defeating Venus Williams at the 2019 Wimbledon, Coco shot to international fame at only 15 years old! Later that year, she claimed her first WTA singles title at the Linz Open, becoming the youngest player to win a WTA singles event since 2004.

Since then, the tennis pro has kept making big moves in the sport, which has no doubt led to some big earnings. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Coco’s Tennis Income Can Be Summed Up Like This:

Before we break down Coco’s money, here are some key facts. Coco is the youngest singles finalist ever at the U.S. Open. She’s the smallest Junior French Open champ in history. Coco is the youngest player to ever qualify for the main draw at Wimbledon.

Okay, now onto the good stuff! According to Celebrity Net Worth, Coco’s total career earnings were $75,000 before her epic 2019 Wimbledon win. After that huge victory and her next triumph, she “guaranteed herself a minimum of $140,000,” per the source.

Since then, her earnings have only increased as she’s been, to put it mildly, kicking some serious butt in competitions. The 19-year-old is currently ranked #4 in doubles and #7 in singles as of July 2023. And for her career-high rankings – #4 in singles and #1 in doubles.

Right now, Coco’s WTA profile shows she’s won $7,409,006 over her career, including over $1.8 million just in 2023 alone. Dang!

Teen Sensation Coco Gauff
Teen Sensation Coco Gauff

Her endorsements and acting resume are both “chef’s kiss.”

Getting your first real paycheck is a big deal. While most of us earned our first few bucks working at the mall or babysitting, Coco took a different path.

The athlete told the story of her first paycheck when asked about the first time she met Serena Williams before the 2022 U.S. Open:

Coco said she first met Serena when she was about nine or ten years old. “They needed a body double to play a younger version of her, just from the neck down. I think it was for a Delta commercial,” she recalled.

After shooting, the Georgia native walked by Serena’s trailer and scored a pic with the tennis legend – but that wasn’t all she left with. “I don’t think they ever used [the commercial], but that was the first check I ever got as a kid,” Coco revealed. “[Serena] doesn’t know this, but the first money I ever made for myself was because of her doing a commercial.”

As if this memory isn’t sweet enough, it’s amazing that Serena was responsible for Coco’s first paycheck and also one of the main reasons she started playing tennis.

I grew up watching her,” Coco confessed in an interview. “Basically, this is why I play tennis. Tennis being a mostly white sport, [watching Serena] definitely helped a lot. Because someone who looked like me was dominating the game. It made me believe that I could be dominant too,” she said.

To say Coco has dominated in her career so far would be a huge understatement – so much so that brands have taken notice. Coco signed her first deal with New Balance in 2014. Fast forward to October 2022, and she inked a “long-term extension” with the Boston brand, per Forbes. To celebrate, they launched a new colorway of Coco’s signature Coco CG1 tennis shoes called “All in the Family.”

In March 2019, Coco also signed a multi-year deal with pasta company Barilla, which sponsors Roger Federer too. “Coco is an emerging star of American tennis, and we hope she can continue to represent our spirit,” said a Barilla exec.

If you had told me playing pro tennis could get me free pasta, I never would have quit lessons! 😆

Aside from New Balance and Barilla, Coco also has deals with Head racquets and even teamed up with Microsoft to build computer labs.

Maybe this can help a kid find their passion,” Coco said. “Make your dreams as big as possible, because you never know how far they’ll go.”

So how much is Coco’s partnership with New Balance worth?

That would be a whopping $3.5 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Though some outlets have reported the deal could be worth as much as $6 million, which honestly wouldn’t be too surprising either!

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