Tiffany Jenkins Divorce

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Who is Tiffany Jenkins? 

Tiffany Jenkins emerges as a noteworthy author and writer, poised to release her upcoming book titled “Strangers and Intimates: The Rise and Fall of Private Life” in spring 2024 through Picador. She also takes on the role of presenter in two BBC Radio 4 series: “A Narrative History of Secrecy,” delving into secrecy’s historical evolution in a 5-part series, and “Contracts of Silence,” exploring the pervasive use of non-disclosure agreements (NDAs).

Tiffany Jenkins Divorce
Tiffany Jenkins Divorce

Over the span of 5 years, Tiffany Jenkins contributed insightful columns to the Scotsman. Her written works have found their place in reputable publications like the Financial Times, Guardian, Observer, and the Spectator. Furthermore, she’s engaged in diverse broadcasting endeavors, including the BBC Radio 4 program ‘Beauty and the Brain,’ probing into the scientific insights behind art.

Tiffany Jenkins boasts the distinction of being an Honorary Fellow at the University of Edinburgh and previously held the role of Visiting Fellow at the London School of Economics. Armed with a Ph.D. in sociology and a BSc in art history, she actively contributes to shaping the vision, purpose, and strategy of arts organizations across Europe.


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Did Tiffany Jenkins get divorced?

Tiffany Jenkins divorce: Has not divorced

Contrary to rumors, Tiffany Jenkins has not gone through a divorce with her husband Drew. Quite the opposite, the couple joyfully marked their eighth wedding anniversary on February 16. Their journey commenced with a serendipitous blind date that led to a blossoming romance. Jenkins rose to prominence by openly sharing her battles with drug addiction, and her advocacy extends to raising awareness about mental health.

Previously cohabiting with her boyfriend, a police officer, alongside their pet named Tatum, Tiffany’s story took a turn for the happier. She now finds herself in a fulfilling marriage with Drew, who is not only her husband but also the father of their two children. In this chapter of her life, Tiffany Jenkins radiates contentment and fulfillment.

Professional career of Tiffany Jenkins 

Tiffany Jenkins, a comedian and recovering addict, holds a prominent presence as a social media personality. Boasting a remarkable 9 million followers across various platforms and an astonishing billion-plus video views, she utilizes her reach to extend assistance and inspiration to individuals navigating motherhood, mental health, addiction, and those simply seeking a dose of laughter.

Tiffany’s candid approach resonates deeply as she crafts content about diverse topics including motherhood, her journey through opioid addiction, the path to recovery, her marriage, and the everyday moments that shape her life.

Recognized as an in-demand speaker, Tiffany embarked on a 40-city speaking tour, engaging audiences in conversations about addiction, recovery, and her personal battles with depression and anxiety. Whether addressing audiences in correctional facilities, high schools, or recovery gatherings, she brings her genuine experiences to the forefront.

In her memoir titled “High Achiever: The Incredible True Story of One Addict’s Double Life,” Tiffany Jenkins offers an intimate glimpse into the psyche of an addict and the destructive impact of narcotics. With unflinching honesty, she chronicles her life as an active opioid addict, her incarceration, and the transformative journey towards recovery and motherhood. Balancing her authenticity with her trademark humor, Jenkins humanizes the complex issue of the opioid epidemic.

Beyond her blog and her narrative on addiction, Tiffany Jenkins co-hosts the parenting podcast “Take It or Leave It.” The podcast tackles topics ranging from marriage to motherhood and everything in between, providing a platform for relatable discussions.

Currently residing in Sarasota, Florida, Tiffany Jenkins shares her life with her husband and their three children, encapsulating her journey towards redemption, growth, and an unyielding commitment to inspire others.


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What was Tiffany Jenkins’s last book as an author? 

Tiffany Jenkins garnered significant praise for her most recent book titled “Keeping Their Marbles: How the Treasures of the Past Ended Up in Museums and Why They Should Stay There” (OUP). The Sunday Times hailed it as an “outstanding achievement,” lauding its clarity, breadth, and insightful depth. In addition to this notable work, Jenkins authored “Contesting Human Remains in Museum Collections: The Crisis of Cultural Authority” and took on the role of editor for “Political Culture: Soft Interventions and Nation Building.”


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