Toyah Cordingley Autopsy

An aggressive and vicious attack was the direct cause of death for Toyah Cordingley. She was extradited to Australia from India after being discovered dead on a Queensland beach.

Cordingley was an Australian druggist, kennel attendant, media personality, and businessman.

On October 21, 2018, the day she was found dead, Toyah’s body went missing. She had gone out to walk her dog.

She was raised in Cairns, Queensland, Australia, where she was born. Newsunzip states that Toyah was born on June 14, 1994.

Some sources claim that Cordingley received her higher education at a reputable university.

Toyah Cordingley Autopsy Report and Death Cause

According to reports, Toyah Cordingley’s injuries were the likely cause of death. And the results of the autopsy revealed that she was killed by stabbing.

On the day of her death, Toyah was walking her dog in Wangetti Beach, which is north of Carnis, when she was stabbed. Just over 800 meters from her car, according to the police, her body was found at the beach.

As nighttime drew near, her family began to worry since she vanished and failed to return home. She was nowhere to be located when they went looking for her close to the beach. There, her family only discovered her dog.

Toyah Cordingley’s body was found by her dad, hidden under the sand dunes. (Source: DailyStar)

The family reported Toyah missing to the police after searching for her but failing to locate her. The group’s members all wished to locate her alive and were deeply concerned.

Her father discovered her death in the dune next to where they had discovered her dog Indie, despite his prayers for her survival.

The father of Toyah called her daughter’s wounds “visible and violent.”

The entire family is battling for her justice. They will finally receive justice after four long years because the murder suspect has been taken into custody in India.

Toyah Cordingley Autopsy
Toyah Cordingley Autopsy

Toyah Cordingley Case Update

After four years of searching, the man accused of killing Toyah in Cairns Beach in 2018 has been located and extradited to Australia to stand trial.

Seven police officers escorted him as he boarded the flight from New Delhi to Melbourne on Tuesday night.

Rajwinder Singh is the guy charged with killing Toyah. On March 1, 2023, he is anticipated to land at Melbourne’s airport about 12:30 p.m.

Singh was taken onto an empty plane before other passengers boarded, according to surveillance footage provided by Queensland police.

Rajwinder Singh man accused of murdering Toyah, has been arrested after four years of the case. (Source: 7News)

Rajwinder was detained by New Delhi police in December and put on trial for three months before being extradited to Australia.

Police and some accounts claim that Singh worked as a nurse in Innisfail. He came to Australia in 2018, leaving his wife and kids behind in India.

When the victim’s body was discovered on October 28, 2018, he departed the country and travelled back to India.

According to a statement from the police, “The Queensland Police Service, in partnership with the Australian Federal Police, Commonwealth Attorney-General’s Department, and Indian government, has successfully extradited a man to face prosecution for the murder.”

To reward anyone with information leading to the arrest of Toyah’s killer, the Queensland state government raised one million Australian dollars.

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Toyah Cordingley Quick Facts

here are the Toyah Cordingley quick facts in table form:

Fact Details
Name Toyah Cordingley
Age 24
Date of death April 8, 2022
Location of death Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia
Cause of death Homicide
Suspect Brayden Spiteri
Status Arrested and charged with murder

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