tadap Ullu Web Series

Tadap tells a captivating tale of star-crossed romance. When rich city guy Raghu meets small-town beauty Tara, it’s love at first sight. But their different backgrounds threaten to tear them apart.

Directed by Deepak Pandey, this Indian web series premiered on Ullu in December 2019. It stars Indraneil Sengupta and Shiny Dixit as the smitten couple, with Param Singh and Rituraj Singh in supporting roles.

This romantic drama will tug at your heartstrings as Raghu and Tara fight against all odds for their forbidden love. With vivid scenery and evocative music, Tadap transports viewers to rural India.

Can true love overcome society’s harsh judgments? Find out in this gripping tale of passion versus propriety.

tadap Ullu Web Series
tadap Ullu Web Series

Tadap Overview

Tadap, a captivating tale set against the vibrant backdrop of Kolkata, brings to life the extraordinary journey of Mohit (Param Singh) and Madhavi (Shiny Dixit). In this city of contrasts, where wealth and poverty coexist, their love story blooms against all odds.

Meet Mohit, a young scion of affluence, carrying an air of gentleness. However, his life has been sheltered, cocooned from the harsher realities that exist beyond his privileged world. Then there’s Madhavi, a spirited soul from a humble background. Her strength shines through, yet vulnerability lies beneath the surface, waiting to be unveiled.

In a twist of fate, Mohit and Madhavi cross paths, igniting a love that burns brighter than the city lights. But theirs is a forbidden tale, shackled by the chains of societal norms. The chasm between Mohit’s opulent lineage and Madhavi’s modest roots appears insurmountable.

Yet, love knows no bounds. Fueled by an unwavering commitment, Mohit and Madhavi dare to stand against the current. A love so intense it could rewrite destinies. But their path is strewn with challenges. Their families, so entrenched in tradition, cast a disapproving shadow. Society’s judgmental gaze adds to their struggle. And within themselves, they grapple with doubts that threaten to extinguish the flame they’ve kindled.

Tadap takes you on a roller-coaster of emotions, showcasing not just the power of love, but also the strength of human resilience. As the lines blur between privilege and paucity, and as the city of joy becomes a witness, Mohit and Madhavi’s journey captures the essence of love’s triumph over adversity.

Prepare to be enthralled as this tale of passion and determination unfolds against the enchanting canvas of Kolkata. With each heartbeat, Tadap paints a vivid picture of love’s endurance, reminding us that even in the face of society’s discord, love’s melody remains unbroken.


Tadap Cast and Crew

The cast of Tadap includes

  • Indraneil Sengupta as Azeem, Mohit’s father
  • Param Singh as Mohit
  • Shiny Dixit as Madhavi
  • Rituraj Singh as Gahendra, Madhavi’s father

The series is directed by Deepak Pandey and produced by Vibhu Agarwal.

Tadap Watch Online

Experience the gripping series “Tadap” on the Ullu app for an enthralling online watch. And guess what? You can even catch the episodes offline by downloading them from Jio Cinema for free absolutely free! Dive into the excitement of Tadap anytime, anywhere.

Tadap All Episodes

Tadap has a total of 4 episodes. The episodes are titled:

Episode 1: Love at First Sight

Tadap begins when fate brings Mohit and Madhavi together at a party. Sparks fly instantly, and they embark on a romantic journey together. But here’s where the twist comes in: Mohit’s family stumbles upon their blossoming relationship. Azeem, Mohit’s father, is not happy at all and he sternly instructs Mohit to cut ties with Madhavi, putting their love in jeopardy.

Episode 2: Forbidden Love

Tadap takes a bittersweet turn as Mohit and Madhavi, despite their heartbreak, choose to keep their love alive undercover. They meet in hidden corners and express their feelings through heartfelt letters. Yet, it’s no walk in the park – their path is full of hurdles. They must be extra cautious, dancing on the edge of secrecy, so as not to fall into the gaze of Mohit’s family.

Episode 3: Family Drama

Tadap intensifies as Mohit’s family discovers his bond with Madhavi once more. This time, Azeem’s anger reaches new heights. He goes as far as issuing a stark ultimatum: either Mohit ends things with Madhavi or faces the prospect of being disowned. Caught between the love for Madhavi and his deep-rooted family allegiance, Mohit finds himself in an agonizing dilemma.

Episode 4: Happy Ending?

Tadap unfolds as Mohit and Madhavi make a bold choice: they flee Kolkata, embracing a new life in an unfamiliar city. Their unity shines, but joy is fleeting. Mohit’s family’s persistence leads him back home against his heart’s desires.

Mohit’s departure shatters him, yet duty binds him. He returns to Kolkata, leaving Madhavi behind. Her heartbreak is deep, but she understands the need to forge ahead. She crafts a fresh beginning, finding eventual happiness.

Tadap’s closure remains enigmatic. Will Mohit and Madhavi reunite? Hope lingers. The series underscores the power of love to surmount even familial and societal trials.

Tadap crafts a captivating web series, blending touching narratives with relatable characters. A must-watch for romance enthusiasts.

To indulge in Tadap, download the Ullu app and opt for the Rs. 99 monthly premium plan. Alternatively, catch the series on Ullu’s site, bearing ads.

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