What Do You Call A Group Of Crows

A group of crows has an intriguing name – a “murder.” This unusual term traces back to old folklore and superstitions about crows. One origin story claims that crows would gather together and hold council to determine the capital punishment of another crow. Other tales portray crows as omens of death and misfortune. While these stories may seem far-fetched today, they reflect the air of mystery and menace that has long surrounded crows in the popular imagination. The “murder” label endures as a nod to the crow’s complex cultural history and its dark associations in folk belief and storytelling.

What Do You Call A Group Of Crows?

The term for a group of crows is a “murder.” This unusual and evocative name can be traced back to old folk tales and superstitions associating crows with death. While the exact origin is unclear, some of the proposed roots include:

  • An old folktale claims crows would gather and decide the capital punishment of another crow. This may have inspired the term “murder” to suggest crows determining the killing of one of their own.
  • Crows were considered an omen of bad luck and death in some traditions. Seeing or hearing crows was believed to foretell a murder or other misfortune.
  • Crows would gather to feed on dead bodies on battlefields. Their presence was taken as a sign of the murders or deaths that had occurred.
  • The crow’s black color symbolized death and mystery in some cultures. This contributed to its menacing and ominous image.

While these associations are outdated today, the enduring term “murder” for a crow group reflects the dark folklore that once surrounded this clever bird in popular imagination. The vivid name endures as a colorful relic of cultural perceptions about the crow.

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