What Is Bhadra Time In Hindi

Bhadra time or Bhadra kaal holds great significance in Hinduism. It is considered an inauspicious time to start any new venture. Here is everything you need to know about Bhadra kaal in Hindi:

Bhadra Kaal Kya Hota Hai?

In Hindu Panchang, the day is divided into 8 yog or parts. The eighth part of the day is called Bhadra. Bhadra kaal is a 90 minute period which occurs every day.

According to Hindu beliefs, this 1 hour 30 minutes is inauspicious to start anything new. Any auspicious event like marriage, griha pravesh, or any other ceremony should be avoided during Bhadra kaal.

Bhadra Kaal Kab Hota Hai?

As per the Hindu calender, Bhadra starts from late morning and lasts for 1.5 hours. The timing differs from day to day.

  • On Sunday, it starts after 7:30 AM
  • On Monday, it starts after 8:00 AM
  • On Tuesday, it starts after 8:30 AM
  • On Wednesday, it starts after 9:00 AM
  • On Thursday, it starts after 9:20 AM
  • On Friday, it starts after 9:40 AM
  • On Saturday, it starts after 10:00 AM

So Bhadra kaal falls at different times of the morning on different weekdays. One should avoid starting any new work during this period.

Bhadra Kaal Mein Kya Nahi Karna Chahiye?

There are certain tasks and rituals which should be avoided during Bhadra kaal:

  • Vivah or marriage
  • Entering a new home for the first time (griha pravesh)
  • Starting construction of home (bhoomi pujan)
  • Wearing new clothes for the first time
  • Buying a new vehicle

In addition, any spiritual rituals like meditation, havan or offering prayers should also be avoided during this time. Basically any shubh karya should be postponed if it falls during Bhadra kaal.

Bhadra Kaal Mein Shraddh Kar Sakte Hain?

An exception to avoidances during Bhadra kaal is the ritual of Shraddh. Shraddh is the ritual of making offerings to one’s ancestors.

It is believed that performing shraddh during Bhadra kaal actually brings greater benefit to the ancestors. So shraddh can be done during this otherwise inauspicious period.

Bhadra Kaal Kaise Jaani Jaati Hai?

To find out the accurate timing of Bhadra for any given day, you can refer to a Hindu panchang or calendar. Most panchangs mention the exact Bhadra timings for each day.

Many websites and apps also provide daily Bhadra timings. So you can easily search online as well.

You can also manually calculate Bhadra kaal by dividing the day into 8 equal parts and taking the last 1/8th part. But this may not give accurate timings. Checking an authentic panchang is the best way.

Bhadra Kaal Ke Benefits Kya Hain?

Avoiding new ventures during Bhadra kaal has many benefits:

  • It brings good luck for any work started after Bhadra period.
  • You avoid any negative results predicted during Bhadra kaal.
  • It is auspicious as per shastras to avoid shubh karya in Bhadra.
  • Your ancestors and gods will be pleased with your observance of rituals.

So in short, avoiding Bhadra brings good fortune. At the same time, any emergency tasks can be done but should be started after Bhadra time.

By understanding what Bhadra kaal signifies and checking timings in a panchang, you can observe this auspicious ritual and please the gods. This will lead to success in your efforts.

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