What Is Moji Basar Religion

Moji Basar is a talented director, producer, writer, and production manager in the film industry. He first found his passion for the arts as a young boy when he started learning music. But Moji soon became fascinated by filmmaking and storytelling. So he packed his bags to pursue a career in movies.

In 2019, Moji served as production manager for the hit film Lukka Chuppi. The following year, he took on a lead role as executive director for The Sick.

Recently, Moji made headlines when he married Pakistani actress Madiha Imam. Madiha even posted a photo with her new husband Moji, sparking interest about his background.

So what do we know about Moji Basar’s religion? The talented filmmaker likely keeps his personal life private. But his marriage to a Pakistani actress suggests Moji may be Muslim himself. Regardless, Moji lets his impressive work speak for itself as he continues achieving success in the film world.

What Is Moji Basar Religion
What Is Moji Basar Religion

What Is Moji Basar Religion?

Moji Basar keeps details of his personal life private. But fans are curious to know more about the talented director and producer. One question on many minds: what is Moji’s religion?

While Moji has not openly discussed his beliefs, there are clues he may be Muslim. He hails from Pakistan, a country made up predominantly of Muslims. Additionally, the surname Basar is common among Muslims.

Moji’s recent marriage to Pakistani actress Madiha Imam also points to him potentially being Muslim himself. But his faith remains speculation for now.

Regardless of his religion, Moji Basar continues to make his mark through impressive films. Fans stay eager to learn more about the intriguing director’s background. But only Moji can reveal his true beliefs, in his own time. For now, his focus stays on creating movie magic.

Who Is Moji Basar Wife Madiha Imam?

Pakistani actor Madiha Imam recently tied the knot with director Moji Basar on May 1, 2023.

Madiha gave fans a glimpse into the beautiful wedding by sharing pictures on her blog. Her elegant wedding dress and Moji’s traditional Pakistani sherwani made for a glamorous affair.

At 32, Madiha Imam has already made a name for herself in Pakistan’s entertainment industry. Born and raised in Karachi, Madiha first stepped into the spotlight in 2015 when she joined the cast of the TV drama “Ishq Mein Teray.”

But it was her acclaimed role in the hit show “Dhaani” that earned Madiha Best Actress honors at the Lux Style Awards.

Since then, the talented actress has starred in numerous TV dramas, showcasing her impressive range.

Madiha’s wedding to director Moji Basar marked a joyous new chapter for the Pakistani star. Fans are excited to see what’s next for the newlyweds.

Moji Basar Biography

Date of Birth Friday, May 31, 1996
Age 27 Years
Birth Place India
Residence Dubai, UAE
Country India
Profession Filmmaker, Producer, Writer, and Production Manager
Education Master’s degree in Directing Film and Television
Father (will update soon)
Mother (will update soon)
Nationality Indian
Siblings (will update soon)
Brother (will update soon)
Religion (will update soon)
Spouse Madiha Imam
Horoscope Gemini
Weight 67 KG
Height 5 Feet 8 Inches
Net Worth (will update soon)
Category Celebrity


What is Moji’s current age?

Moji is 27 years old as of 2023. He was born in 1996.

What does Moji do professionally?

Moji works in the film industry as a producer, writer, director, and production manager. Filmmaking is his profession.

Who is Moji married to?

Moji’s wife is the actress Madiha Imam. They make a lovely couple!

Who are Moji’s parents?

The names of Moji’s parents are not publicly known at this time. His family life has been kept private.

Does Moji have any siblings?

It’s unclear if Moji has any brothers or sisters – he hasn’t shared info about his siblings publicly.

What is Moji’s net worth?

Moji’s net worth is unknown. As a successful filmmaker, it is likely substantial!

What is Moji’s educational background?

Moji is highly educated – he earned a Master’s degree in Directing Film and Television.

How tall is Moji and how much does he weigh?

Moji stands at 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs around 67 kg or 147 pounds. He has a slender build.

What does his first name mean?

The name Moji means “vision” or “sight” in its origins. Fitting for a filmmaker!

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