The internet recently caught the ‘Vince McMahon Crying’ meme fever, and everyone seems to be talking about it. Vince McMahon, the co-founder of the WWE, is now the face of a popular meme that first caught attention through a TikTok video. Here’s a simple breakdown of how it all began:

A TikToker by the handle @pain.cuhh kickstarted the meme trend by sharing a video of Vince McMahon crying. Initially, the video depicted feelings of depression and hopelessness, gaining over a million views in less than a week. However, the narrative quickly changed as more people jumped on the meme bandwagon. Instead of the gloomy tone, the memes started showing Vince as a future dad from Generation Z, nostalgically remembering his Fortnite gaming days with friends, among other amusing ideas.

[Undertaker: The Last Ride Ep 2 Spoilers] The relationship and friendship between The Undertaker and Vince McMahon
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This meme wave has brought Vince McMahon back into the limelight, thanks to the crying video which is now being shared in various playful contexts on social platforms. The original crying footage is from a 2020 documentary series titled ‘Undertaker: The Vince McMahon Last Ride‘. In the second episode of this series, when asked about the significance of ‘The Undertaker’ (Mark Calaway) to him and the WWE, Vince got emotional and teary-eyed, which is the moment now captured in the meme.

The Meme’s Popularity

Lately, the ‘Vince McMahon Crying’ meme has become a big deal online. Since it got famous, lots of people have been talking about it and sharing different versions. These memes show Vince McMahon getting emotional in various situations. They have been spread a lot on social media, turning Vince McMahon’s heartfelt moment into a trending topic.

The Original Footage

The original footage of Vince McMahon crying was from a documentary series called “Undertaker: The Last Ride.” In this show, Vince McMahon was asked about The Undertaker’s importance to him and WWE. Vince got very upset during this question and started to cry. He was so moved that he couldn’t even answer the question and just signaled to stop the interview.

The ‘Vince McMahon Crying’ meme has become a fresh way for internet users to express humor, showcasing Vince McMahon’s emotional side in a light-hearted manner. McMahon, known for his sturdy persona in the WWE universe, is now making people smile and laugh in the digital world, one meme at a time.


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