Whitstable Pearl Season 3 Release Date

Whitstable Pearl Season 3 Release Date: Fans of the show Whitstable Pearl want to know – will there be a Season 3? And when will it come out?

Whitstable Pearl is a crime and mystery show on Acorn TV.

The first two seasons were 6 episodes each. Some people thought it was a miniseries that ended.

But now fans are hoping for Whitstable Pearl Season 3.

Acorn TV has not said if they will make Season 3 or when it would come out.

Right now there is no news about it. We don’t know if there will be a Season 3 in 2023 or 2024, or at all.

Fans really want to see more adventures with Pearl and her detective agency. But they have to wait for an announcement from Acorn TV.

For now, you can watch the first two seasons of Whitstable Pearl on Acorn TV. But keep an eye out for any news about Season 3! Fans are eager to know if and when new episodes will come out.

About Whitstable Pearl Series Season 3

Whitstable Pearl is about a single mom named Pearl who lives in the town of Whitstable.

Pearl has two jobs – she owns a seafood restaurant with her mom and works as a private detective.

In season 1, Pearl’s friend dies mysteriously. This makes Pearl start investigating crimes around town.

She also conflicts with the local police officer Mike, who doesn’t want her help.

The show is based on mystery novels by Julie Wassmer. She helps make the TV show too.

So far there have been 2 seasons of 6 episodes each. Fans love the show!

Season 2 just finished in December 2022. Now fans want to know – will there be a season 3?

Right now, the network Acorn TV has not said if they will make more episodes.

The first 2 seasons did well. So fans hope they will announce a season 3 soon.

But we have to wait and see if Acorn TV decides to continue Pearl’s story. Fans hope for more adventures with Pearl solving mysteries!

For now, you can watch the 12 episodes of Whitstable Pearl on Acorn TV and look out for season 3 news.

Title of the Show

Whitstable Pearl


Crime Drama and Mystery Fiction

Adaptation From

The Whitstable Pearl Mystery and Disappearance at Oare

by Julie Wassmer

Created By

Øystein Karlsen

Initial Release Date 

May 24, 2021

Total Seasons


No. of Episodes


Whitstable Pearl Season 3 Release Date

December 2023 (Expected)

Whitstable Pearl Season 3 Release Date

The creator of Whitstable Pearl said they have not started making season 3 yet.

He did not give an exact date for when it will come out. But he said he is excited to work on season 3 in the future.

The first two seasons were very popular with fans. So the creator wants to make sure season 3 meets people’s expectations.

That’s why they are taking their time before starting to film new episodes.

Reports say Acorn TV may start shooting season 3 in late August 2023.

If that’s true, new episodes could come out around December 2023.

But Acorn TV has not officially announced dates for filming or releasing season 3.

Right now, we just have to wait for more news from Acorn TV. The creator wants season 3 to be good for fans.

Fans are eager to know when they can watch new mysteries with Pearl in Whitstable! But they’ll have to be patient as the show makers work on season 3.

For now, enjoy rewatching the first two seasons while waiting for more news.

Whitstable Pearl Season 3 Cast

Kerry Godliman will definitely be back as Pearl Nolan if there is a Season 3 of Whitstable Pearl.

Fans love her as the lead character – the single mom who is also a detective.

It also seems very likely that Howard Charles will return as Mike McGuire. He is the police officer who works with Pearl.

Acorn TV has not made an official announcement about Season 3 yet.

So we don’t know for sure which other actors might return or join the show.

Those details will probably come out once Acorn TV gives the official news that Whitstable Pearl is coming back.

For now, fans can feel good knowing the main actress Kerry Godliman wants to keep playing Pearl.

And it seems very probable that Howard Charles will still play Mike.

Fans are eager to see their favorite characters back solving mysteries in a potential Season 3!

But we’ll have to wait for official casting news from Acorn TV to know for sure.

Whitstable Pearl Season 3 Trailer

There is no trailer yet for Whitstable Pearl Season 3.

That’s because they haven’t started making the new episodes yet.

If Season 3 happens, the trailer will probably come out around December 2023.

That’s when the trailer for Season 2 came out too.

While we wait, you can watch the trailers for Seasons 1 and 2!

Those will get you excited about Pearl’s mysteries.

Fans hope Season 3 will have some good surprises and twists when it comes out.

But Acorn TV hasn’t said yet when Season 3 will be released.

We’ll have to wait for them to make an announcement.

Let us know what you hope to see happen in Whitstable in Season 3! What do you think the new mystery will be about?

For now, go back and enjoy the first two seasons. And stay tuned for more news on if and when Whitstable Pearl will return with new episodes!

Whitstable Pearl Season 3 Release Date
Whitstable Pearl Season 3 Release Date

Whitstable Pearl Season 3 Plot

Season 3 of Whitstable Pearl will probably continue the story from where Season 2 ended.

At the end of Season 2, Pearl and Mike admitted they have feelings for each other. Fans want to know – will they start a romance?

Season 3 should give us the answer! Viewers hope Mike and Pearl’s relationship moves forward.

Pearl will also keep working as a detective and solve new mysteries. We don’t know the details yet, but there will likely be some exciting cases for Pearl in Season 3.

Season 1 and 2 came out in December. So if Season 3 happens, it will probably be released around December 2023.

Fans have to wait and see what adventures are next for Pearl and Mike. Hopefully Acorn TV gives us more news soon!

For now, go back and rewatch the first two seasons. And keep your fingers crossed that Whitstable Pearl returns with Season 3 around the end of this year! Viewers can’t wait to see what happens next.

Whitstable Pearl Season 3 Episodes Count

The first two seasons of Whitstable Pearl had 6 episodes each. All the episodes were between 46-49 minutes long.

If there is a Season 3, it will likely also have 6 episodes.

And each episode will probably be around 46-49 minutes long again.

Acorn TV will most likely use the same format that worked well for Seasons 1 and 2.

Fans are used to Whitstable Pearl having short seasons of just 6 episodes.

Even with only 6 episodes per season, the show tells an exciting story in each one!

Viewers looking forward to Season 3 can expect the same thing – 6 episodes that are 46-49 minutes each.

That would stick to the same pattern that the first two seasons used.

Fans are hoping Acorn TV gives us 6 more episodes with Pearl solving mysteries!

The number of episodes and their length for Season 3 isn’t confirmed yet. But if it follows the same format, 6 fast-paced episodes are coming up!

Whitstable Pearl Season 3 Premier Date

Acorn TV has not said when Whitstable Pearl Season 3 will premiere.

But if we look at when Season 2 came out, it helps guess when Season 3 might be.

Season 2 premiered in December 2022.

So most fans think Season 3 will also come out sometime around December 2023.

That makes sense based on the timing before. But it’s not official!

Acorn TV hasn’t actually announced the release date for Season 3 yet.

Fans just have to wait and see when Acorn TV will give us news.

Until then, we can guess about what might happen next. What new mysteries might Pearl solve? Will her romance with Mike grow?

There are lots of questions Season 3 could answer!

But the exact release date is still unknown. We’ll have to be patient for Acorn TV to reveal when new episodes of Whitstable Pearl will come out.

Stay tuned for more news soon!

Whitstable Pearl Season 3 Renewal Status

Acorn TV has not officially said yet if Whitstable Pearl will have a Season 3.

The first two seasons were very popular with fans. Many people want to see more episodes.

So there is a good chance Acorn TV will bring the show back for Season 3.

But we have to wait for them to announce it.

Right now, the renewal for Season 3 is still uncertain.

Fans hope Acorn TV will decide to make more episodes soon!

Until we get official news, feel free to share your thoughts on the show.

Do you want Whitstable Pearl to come back for Season 3? Why or why not?

Let us know what you think in the comments!

And stay tuned to find out if Acorn TV gives us the good news that Pearl’s adventures will continue with a new season.

Disclaimer: The information regarding Whitstable Pearl Season 3 has been gathered from multiple sources. While we strive for accuracy, we cannot guarantee the complete reliability or up-to-date nature of the details provided. Viewer discretion is advised, and we encourage cross-referencing with official announcements for the most accurate and current information about the show.

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