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In the realm of college football the name Dillon Gabriel rings a bell as the promising quarterback for the Oklahoma Sooners. However, behind Dillon’s burgeoning football career is a supportive family, notably his older brother, Garrison Gabriel. While not as publicly recognized as Dillon, Garrison holds his own share of athletic prowess and has played a significant role in Dillon’s journey. In this article, we delve into the life of Garrison Gabriel, exploring his early football endeavors, relationship with Dillon, and the Gabriel family’s sporting legacy.

Early Life and Football Career

Growing up in Hawaii, a young Garrison Gabriel followed his passion for football by playing in the Pop Warner youth football league. He continued excelling in the sport through his high school years.

After high school, Garrison ventured to California to play college football before returning to his hometown. Details of his collegiate football career have been kept out of the public eye. But it’s clear that athletic prowess runs deep in the Gabriel family.

Guiding Light for Dillon’s Football Development

As Dillon followed in his brother’s footsteps at Mililani High School in Hawaii, Garrison took Dillon under his wing on and off the field. Garrison helped coach Dillon in developing his quarterback skills during his youth football days.

When Dillon moved to Florida to play for the UCF Knights, Garrison also relocated to Orlando to support his brother’s college football career. Their tight-knit bond extends beyond just being siblings.

Continued Support at Oklahoma

In 2022, Dillon transferred to the University of Oklahoma to play for the storied Sooners football program. Garrison once again moved with Dillon, this time to Norman, Oklahoma.

During the football season, Garrison oversees Dillon’s commercial business endeavors through their joint venture DG the Brand. This off-field partnership displays the brothers’ synergy and commitment to each other’s success.

Family Legacy in Sports

Football is not the only sporting pursuit that runs deep in the Gabriel family. Dillon and Garrison’s youngest brother Roman Gabriel is also making a name for himself in basketball.

Roman’s promising skills have earned recognition within Hawaii high school basketball. He looks to follow the footsteps of his talented older brothers.

Garrison’s Emerging Story

As intrigue builds around Dillon’s exceptional football ability, interest in learning more about Garrison Gabriel rises as well. His invaluable guidance and support behind the scenes have contributed immensely to Dillon’s growth.

While Garrison still maintains privacy around his personal life, his story emphasizes the strength of family. As Dillon realizes his football dreams, hopefully Garrison’s role will come more into the spotlight.

The close-knit bond between the Gabriels persists across generations and sets the foundation for success. With Dillon’s ascending career, the future looks bright for the Gabriel brothers.

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