Who is Michael DiMauro

Philadelphia Biker Gang Member Convicted of Murder and Concealing Body in Crypt in 2017

Michael DiMauro, a member of a Philadelphia motorcycle gang, has been found guilty of the murder of David Rossillo Jr. in 2017. DiMauro, 51, represented himself during the trial and was convicted of all charges related to the case, including first-degree murder and abuse of a corpse. The Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office announced the verdict on Tuesday, August 8.

Who is Michael DiMauro?

Warlocks Motorcycle Club Member Found Guilty of Murder in Rossillo Jr.’s Death

Michael DiMauro, associated with the illegal motorcycle club Warlocks, has been convicted of murder and other charges in the killing of David Rossillo Jr. Prosecutors revealed that the fatal encounter took place at Mount Moriah Cemetery in southwest Philadelphia, where DiMauro allegedly shot Rossillo Jr. Following the shooting, DiMauro reportedly bound Rossillo Jr.’s neck with a rope and moved his body to a crypt within the cemetery.

The prosecution’s case was supported by the testimony of two cooperating witnesses. The jury deliberated for only a few hours before reaching a decision. The exact motive behind the deadly altercation remains unclear.

District Attorney Larry Krasner commented on the case, revealing that not only did they discover Rossillo Jr.’s body when the crypt was opened, but they also found another murder victim.

Who is Michael DiMauro
Who is Michael DiMauro

What charges does Michael DiMauro face?

DiMauro is anticipated to receive a life sentence without the chance of parole from Judge Charles Ehrlich in August, as stated by the District Attorney.

The remains of Keith Palumbo, a 36-year-old musician from Delaware County, were also discovered alongside Rossillo Jr.’s body three years later in April 2020. Both individuals were identified using DNA samples in August of the same year.

DiMauro’s arrest took place the following month, as reported by the New York Post. Another member of the Warlocks gang, Michael DeLuca, was apprehended in 2021 and admitted to third-degree murder in relation to Palumbo’s death in January.

Three additional individuals pleaded guilty for their roles in aiding with the disposal of the bodies, according to the NY Post. The motivations behind both murders remain unknown, according to the District Attorney’s office.

Krasner emphasized, “We are dedicated to delivering justice in cases like this that have gone cold. These convictions should serve as a clear message to anyone who believes they can commit murder and conceal the evidence of their horrendous crimes: We will solve these cases, and we will ensure you face justice.”

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