Instagram unannounced update regarding audio

Lots of peeps have noticed Instagram taking down audios on their posts lately. It’s pretty annoying when you find a song or audio that totally vibes with your post, but then it’s removed. What’s up with that, Instagram?

Turns out Instagram is just being extra careful about copyright stuff with songs and audio clips. See, music and audio are like creative property – they belong to the artists and people who made them. So Instagram has to make sure they have the rights to use that audio before letting folks share it.

If you post a song or audio that’s copyrighted, Instagram will take it down real quick. They don’t wanna get in trouble for letting people share stuff that ain’t theirs! It’s not that Instagram wants to ruin your vibe, they just gotta watch their back with copyright rules.

The good news is there’s lots of royalty free audio out there you can use no prob! Apps like TikTok and Triller have pre-approved music and clips you can add to your Instagram posts no worries. You can also peep sites like Free Music Archive for Creative Commons tunes to jazz up your posts.

It sucks when Instagram kills your vibe by removing an audio. But now you know it’s just them playing by the rules. Find one of those royalty free jams and your next post will be lit AF! What audio are you pumped to try next?

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