When she was just 21, Taylor White became the victim of an unthinkable crime – her face was forcibly tattooed with vile obscenities by an abusive ex-boyfriend, leaving her with no choice but to cover the ugly markings with solid black ink.

Over a decade later, the now 37-year-old Florida woman is finally getting her blackout facial tattoo removed, thanks to the generosity of a kind stranger named Karridy Askenasy (aka TheDadBot online).

With dreams of transitioning into mental health advocacy, White had struggled to land jobs due to the shocking appearance of her facial tattoos. As someone coping with bipolar disorder herself, she hoped to help destigmatize mental illness. But the tattoos proved an insurmountable barrier.

White’s painful tattoo journey began when she gave herself delicate facial ink during a manic episode while working at a tattoo parlor. Later, an allegedly abusive ex attacked her, and she awoke to find horrifying words etched onto her face against her will.

Devastated, White agreed to a cover-up tattoo from her boss. For years, she faced rejection and judgment due to her drastic appearance.

That changed when Askenasy generously offered to fund laser removal sessions after discovering White’s story online. Now undergoing treatments from tattoo removal company Removery, White feels optimistic about finally reclaiming and empowering herself.

While a long process, each fading mark represents another part of White’s traumatic past erased – and her future shining brighter.

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