New Observer Post is always looking for fresh voices and untold perspectives to contribute to our mission of delving deeper into the issues shaping our world.

If you’re a thoughtful analyst, subject-matter expert, freelance journalist, or concerned citizen holding an informed viewpoint, we want to hear from you.

What We’re Looking For

Content that digs beneath surface-level reporting to reveal subtle nuances, background insights, and unusual angles on newsworthy topics.

  • Op-eds spotlighting how particular issues and policies impact peoples’ lives, whether seen through lenses of ethics, identity politics, economics, science, environmental concerns, or other areas
  • Investigative series uncovering under-reported stories, with diligent fact checking and credible sources cited
  • In-depth profiles exploring the motivations and experiences of influential, but little-known, public figures
  • Analysis that goes against the editorial grain by advancing unconventional arguments or highlighting viewpoints typically marginalized in mainstream coverage
  • Commentary derived from lived experience that adds compassionate human context frequently missing from news reports

Guiding Principles

All submissions to New Observer Post should align with our core values:

Accuracy – We verify information carefully to ensure factual reliability.

Insight – We aim to increase readers’ understanding through context and critical thinking.

Dialogue – We believe exchanging divergent perspectives moves society forward.

If your viewpoint challenges assumptions or brings sensitivity to difficult topics, we especially want to showcase your writing. Our openness to controversial coverage compels thoughtfulness. Stories containing harmful stereotyping or misinformation do not meet our guidelines.

How To Pitch Your Idea

To propose an article for publication consideration, please send a short pitch (1-2 paragraphs) explaining your credentials and unique qualifications to cover a specific news topic from your informed vantage point.

Be sure to describe the specific issue you would spotlight, why it matters to readers, how you plan to research or present this issue in an original format expanding insight for audiences, and your previous journalistic experience, if any. We welcome new voices.

Our editorial team looks forward to discovering your distinct viewpoints and discussing opportunities to develop your ideas into compelling stories furthering productive discourse. Let’s raise the bar of conversation together!

Pitch Submissions: