Zander Hattersley died tragically in a car accident leaving Woodstock, Georgia in mourning. His community honors his memory, supporting his family through a heartfelt fundraising campaign.


Meet Zander Hattersley a local hero from Prince Edward County who recently became an internet sensation. His unexpected departure has deeply affected the people in his community, leaving everyone in disbelief. In this article we’ll take a closer look at Zander’s life and the circumstances surrounding his untimely passing.

It’s really tough for everyone in Woodstock Georgia right now. We’re all feeling the weight of sadness after losing Zander Hattersley. Zander was such an awesome person – smart, funny, and super kind. His laughter could light up a room. It’s so sad that he had to leave us so soon. Those of us who were lucky enough to know him are really feeling the emptiness he left behind.

The whole community is joining hands to remember Zander and help his family during this tough time. We’re all coming together to support each other and make sure Zander’s memory lives on.

Who is Zander Hattersley?

Ever heard of Zander Hattersley? He was a student at Georgia Southern University, and he was part of the Georgia Bulldogs football team. Zander lived in Woodstock, Georgia, and people really liked him. Why? Well, he had a great sense of humor, was smart, and super kind. His friends appreciated these qualities a lot.

Zander wasn’t just about hitting the books and scoring goals, though. He was a loving son, brother, and nephew. His family had his back no matter what he was up to. Zander made a positive impact on everyone around him with his warm smile and generous nature. That’s the kind of person he was – friendly, kind, and always spreading good vibes.

Zander Hattersley Car Accident Details

The Woodstock, Georgia community is going through a really tough time right now. They’re grappling with the devastating news of Zander Hattersley a student at Georgia Southern University who lost his life in a terrible car accident. Zander wasn’t just a student; he was someone the community cherished for his humor, intelligence, and kindness. It’s a big loss for everyone who knew him.

Zander Hattersley Death

The accident happened on Arnold Mill Road in Cherokee County. The police are still trying to figure out exactly what caused it. Zander’s car lost control and ended up colliding with a tree. It’s really sad that such a lively and promising person is no longer with us, and the community is feeling the pain.

Right now, everyone is coming to terms with this tragedy, and the police are doing their best to find out what happened. It’s a stark reminder that life is fragile, and we should appreciate every moment we have. The details of the Car accident are still a bit unclear, but it’s a call for all of us to be careful and watch out for each other on the roads.

Obituary and Funeral Details

It’s really tough for us to tell you that Zander Hattersley is no longer with us. He was in a car crash on Arnold Mill Road in Cherokee County, and it’s left everyone in our community feeling shocked and unbelievably sad. Zander was an amazing guy, and it’s hard to believe he’s gone. Let’s try to remember the good times—the way he always made us laugh, his lively spirit, and the happiness he shared with everyone. Zander will always have a special place in our hearts, and we’ll cherish the memories we have of him.

Donation Collect By GoFound ME

Kelly Sweet’s family and friends are coming together to support her through a fundraising campaign on a GoFundMe page called “In Memory of Zander Hattersley.” Zander’s friends initiated this effort with the hope of easing the financial challenges that Kelly’s family is facing during this tough time. Currently, the campaign has received support from 103 generous donors, collecting a total of $5,925 USD toward the $10,000 goal. This heartfelt initiative shows the community’s wish to offer help and comfort to Zander’s family during this difficult period.

Final Verdicats

Zander Hattersley, a beloved figure in Woodstock, Georgia, has left an indelible mark on his community. Known for his humor, kindness, and positive impact, Zander’s untimely passing in a car accident on Arnold Mill Road has left everyone in shock. The community is rallying together to remember him and support his family during this challenging time. A GoFundMe campaign, “In Memory of Zander Hattersley,” has garnered $5,925 from 103 donors, reflecting the heartfelt desire to ease the financial burden on Kelly Sweet’s family. Zander’s memory will endure in the hearts of those who cherished his warm spirit and vibrant personality.

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