Betty Gore Autopsy

In June 1980, the tragic murder of Betty Gore by her friend and neighbor, Candy Montgomery, in Wylie, Texas, captured national attention with its shocking and unsettling circumstances.

Adding further complexity was the swirling speculation that Montgomery had been engaged in an affair with Gores’s husband prior to the fateful incident.

The culmination of heightened emotions and a heated argument between the two women escalated into a violent encounter. Montgomery claimed self-defense, yet the weapon she used, an ax, resulted in a fatal outcome.

This case was a deeply emotional and complex one, compelling those touched by its unfolding to grapple with the harsh realities of love, betrayal, and the tragic presence of violence.

Betty Gore Autopsy And Crime Scene Photos

The discovery of Betty Gores’s lifeless body at the crime scene was nothing short of horrifying; her utility room was drenched in blood, a grisly testament to the brutality inflicted by her killer.

The perpetrator had inflicted such extensive damage to Ms. Gores’s face that it had been grotesquely disfigured, a sight too distressing for anyone to bear witness to.

Upon being summoned by the Miami-Dade Police Department, Detective Juan Rivera promptly documented the scene, capturing nine photographs that would aid in the investigation.

In the television adaptation “Love & Death,” a heart-wrenching portrayal reveals blood stains around Betty Gores’s shower, suggesting the presence of sinister elements.

Candace Montgomery, known as Candy, faced trial for the alleged axe murder of teacher Betty Gore. However, she was ultimately acquitted due to insufficient evidence.

For those seeking more insight into the case, an exclusive web video is available on, where a detective discusses the distinct nature of Betty Gores’s crime scene compared to others he had encountered.

Meanwhile, online photos from the Montgomery trial and arrest in North Texas shed further light on the tragic events surrounding Ms. Gores’s untimely demise, a deeply unsettling occurrence that reverberated throughout the community.

Betty Gore Autopsy
Betty Gore Autopsy

Betty Gore’s Death Cause

In June of 1980, the tranquility of Wylie, Texas, was shattered by a brutal and shocking crime that took place within the confines of Betty Gore’s own home.

The accused was none other than Candy Montgomery, her neighbor and close confidante, whose involvement in an affair with Betty’s husband added a unique layer of complexity to the tragedy.

Montgomery claimed self-defense, contending that she acted to protect herself from Betty’s attack, which involved the use of an axe.

However, the gruesome scene uncovered by neighboring residents painted a drastically different narrative – one of horrifying violence that defied typical understanding.

The utility room, where Betty’s lifeless and mutilated body was discovered, bore witness to an unprecedented level of brutality, seldom encountered in cases of this nature.

Subsequent confirmation through an autopsy report revealed the horrifying extent of the violence inflicted upon Mrs. Gore. Approximately half of her face had been gruesomely disfigured by the blows of an axe, exacerbated by the pervasive presence of blood that seemed to cover every available surface.

It is nearly inconceivable to fathom the events of that fateful June morning, when Candy Montgomery unleashed such a merciless act upon her longtime friend and neighbor. The shocking images and memories of that day have left an indelible mark on those who were unfortunate enough to discover or witness the aftermath.

Betty Gore’s untimely departure has left a trail of pain and unanswered questions for her family and friends, as they strive to find solace in moving forward while never losing sight of the preciousness of life and the fragility of our closest bonds.

Betty Gore Case Details

Startlingly, reports indicate that Montgomery proceeded to wash the blood from her body right at the scene of the crime before resuming her normal daily routines.

During the trial, she provided testimony revealing that she had taken a shower at Betty Gore’s residence while the infant remained upstairs crying in the crib.

Afterward, Montgomery changed into fresh attire and attended church for Bible school alongside her own children and the Gores’ older daughter.

Following this, she shared a meal with friends. It’s also noted that Montgomery disposed of the footwear she had been wearing at the time of the murder.

The discovery of Betty’s lifeless body and the disturbing crime scene was made by Lester Gayler and Richard Parker, Betty’s neighboring residents. Concerned about Betty’s absence, Allan Gore, her husband, reached out to them for assistance.

Betty Gore Family – Where Are They Now?

Alisa and Bethany, the daughters of Betty and Allan, embarked on a new journey by relocating from Texas to Kansas.

Alisa, often referred to as Lisa, completed her studies at Norwich High School in 1992 and has since made Kansas her home.

Lisa pursued her higher education at Kansas State University, focusing her efforts on achieving a degree in accounting.

Currently, Lisa holds the esteemed position of Business Controller at Koch Engineered Solutions, as indicated on her LinkedIn profile.

In due course, Lisa entered the institution of marriage with Jonn Harder, and they now take pride in parenting two sons, Sam and Jacob.

Meanwhile, Bethany continued her academic pursuits at Wichita State University and followed in her mother’s footsteps by entering the field of education.

Bethany presently serves as an assistant principal at the Coral Academy of Science in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Her life partner is Chad Mickey, and together, they have established a devoted family. Their household is enriched by the presence of three children – Josie, Betty, and Henry – who fill their lives with joy and a sense of fulfillment.

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