autopsy report of Caylee Mastin

The autopsy report of Caylee Mastin provides critical information about her cause of death and the circumstances leading to her tragic end. Caylee was just 2 years old when she was killed in June 2008. The autopsy evidence helped investigators unravel this disturbing homicide case.

Caylee’s remains were discovered nearly 6 months after her death, hampering the autopsy findings. But the report still offered some clues into her final moments and death.

Caylee Mastin Cause of death

The medical examiner concluded that Caylee’s cause of death was homicide by undetermined means. No anatomical cause of death could be ascertained due to severe skeletal decomposition.

But duct tape was found adhering to the hair and skull. This indicated that Caylee’s mouth and nose were covered with duct tape when she died, obstructing her breathing.

The autopsy noted no signs of trauma or fractures to the skull or bones. Poisoning and drowning could not be confirmed due to lack of soft tissues and organs. But asphyxiation by the duct tape covering her nose and mouth was indicated as the probable cause of death.

caylee mastin case details

Caylee was last seen on June 16, 2008. Her disappearance was reported by her grandmother on July 15. Extensive searches found no trace of Caylee for months.

In December 2008, her skeletal remains were found in a trash bag near her home. Duct tape residue on the skull and hair indicated intentional covering of airways leading to asphyxiation.

The autopsy noted state of decomposition consistent with death in June 2008, when she had gone missing. No pre-death bone fractures were found ruling out trauma. Evidence pointed to homicide by suffocation.

Caylee’s mother, Casey Anthony, was charged with her murder. Circumstantial evidence included Casey’s lies about Caylee’s whereabouts, suspicious internet searches on chloroform, and partying behavior after Caylee’s disappearance.

The jury found Casey not guilty of murder due to lack of direct forensic evidence linking her to Caylee’s death. The case garnered national attention but remains an unsolved homicide.


The autopsy of Caylee Mastin was significantly hindered by the condition of her remains after months of decomposition. But duct tape residue on her skull indicates death by mechanical asphyxiation.

Though the perpetrator remains unpunished, the autopsy provides some closure into the tragic end of this innocent toddler’s life. The undetermined cause highlights the difficulties of forensic analysis in the absence of soft tissues.

Caylee’s heartbreaking case is a reminder that autopsies aid homicide investigations even under challenging circumstances. The report pieced together evidence that her death was an intentional criminal act, not an accident as initially claimed. It serves as the only voice for this child who can no longer speak.

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